Mystery of Fortune 2 is free right now on Android

Mystery of Fortune 2 Description

93581“Mystery of Fortune 2” is based on character modeling, the designer cartoon and medieval elements of Europe which are cleverly combined. As for the music, it has been played in an infinite loop in the background with a short play but it still has a sense of ingenuity.

The background of the game is placed in a mysterious era and full of magic, monsters, and scattered treasure. This setting can be described as quite large. The protagonist of the game is a leader of weak forces, with a group of soldiers with very low rank and continue to move forward, it helps the people to clean up the villagers of the devil and players in this game task is to lead the soldiers which Gradually improve their abilities and declare war on even more dangerous demons.

mystery-fortune-2The background of this game is a map of the mainland. various forces on the mainland are the player in the game and they need to face the test. while opening the block diagram of the forces you will find a lot of dungeons.

Before entering the dungeon, the player will go through a troop arrangement. The player needs to drag the existing combat units onto the board and the board plays a role in regulating the queue. To achieve the high attributes, the player, wear different types of equipment for their own army. After that, they automatically attack according to pre-set. Designing the macro, we can officially enter the dungeon adventure.


It is a highly playable dungeon adventure game. You will enjoy it while playing it. It kills more time because it accumulates equipment’s in order to maintain good combat. if you have a lot of free time every day, then this made it a good choice.

A mystery of Fortune 2 is now available free on Google Play on for a temporary time period, so if you’re a game player then go and grab it. This game is an SRPG game in which you can create your own army out of 25 different units and then head out to explore

Mystery of Fortune 2 is a slick SRPG

In this game challenging world, there are over 35 different monsters to defeat as you venture out. This way, you’ll level up your characters and, even change their class to unlock their latent power. There are a bunch of different armor, weapons, and items to collect and equip across the games for 85 different dungeons.

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So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this SRPG game for free.