New Apple Patent May Bring MagSafe Connector Back from The Dead

MagSafe Connector

It is said that Apple is looking at new cable solutions, and it sounds quite familiar. The reason behind this is that the company is apparently considering new cables that connect to devices through magnets and it should sound familiar to any long-time mac-user.

If the report is correct, Apple is exploring the idea of something that is already invented, MagSafe, which is a connector and at the first place, most of the people might argue that this connector should never have been removed from macs.

If you are not familiar with MagSafe, it was used for charging portable Macs for years. It allowed the charging cable to be yanked away from the computer and there was no need to take the device itself with it. without any doubt, it was a great safety feature that was lost when Mac notebooks start to transition to the USB cables that we are using today.

Now, Apple has received a new patent for smart charging system for portable electronic devices, using magnets to prevent cables and devices from any damage if they are yanked.

“The smart charging system includes a magnetized connector and a charging component that can be configured to dynamically attract and repel the connector to and from the portable electronic device.”

This all sounds great and if we could get an updated version of MagSafe, then we all would be pleased to see it arrive. There are various third-party alternatives that exist right now, which take the USB cables and give them properties like MagSafe. But nothing can take the place of original thing and we are quite amazed to see that Apple ever let it fall by the wayside.

(Source: USPTO)

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