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New Apple Videos Explore iPhone XR Battery Life, iMessage Privacy

Apple proceeded with its iPhone advertising push with a couple of new promotions this previous week. One video focuses on the iPhone XR’s battery life, while different brings up the privacy parts of Apple’s iMessage service.


Privacy is a focus that Apple has kept up for a long time, and it proceeds at a time where it is especially a hot debate issue in the world of tech. Google as of late made an object about its own privacy credentials, and even Facebook has been endeavoring to persuade users that it isn’t as evil as we as a whole realize it may be.

Beginning with the iPhone XR promotion, however, the “Up Late” video notes how well the iPhone XR battery keeps going amid a long day.

iPhone XR has the longest battery life in an iPhone ever have. So whether you’re streaming video, watching live games or playing a game, you’ll lose control before your iPhone XR will.

The iPhone XR is known to have a standout amongst the best lasting batteries available at this moment and is the go-to for people who need the longest-lasting iPhone around. You can watch the promotion directly here.

The new “Inside Joke” video focuses on a lady with an iPhone XR laughing at a joke. Apple says that “iMessage encodes your discussions on the ground that not everyone needs to be in on the joke.” The story here is that the message is private and that even Apple cannot peruse it.

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Your privacy matters. That is the reason iMessage encoded your discussions. Privacy. That’s iPhone.

This promotion is a continuation of the “Privacy on iPhone” campaign that began in March and we’d anticipated that it to not be the last, either. Watch the ad below.