New Renderings Of The Sony Xperia 2 Leak

By | September 2, 2019

The Sony Xperia smartphone line has been a huge disappointment for the company and from time to time it is said that the company is retiring from the business. Sony always gives the impression that he is throwing spaghetti on the wall and trying to see what sticks. This year, to make it look like it has been cleaned from the past and is starting from scratch, Sony has named its new top model, the Xperia 1. And it has equipped the phone with a high and widescreen with a ratio of 21: 9)

In May, even before the launch of the Xperia 1, the Xperia 2 leaked. In a sense, this is not surprising considering that the company has traditionally launched its latest flagship phone every six months. The specifications for the device include a smaller 6.1-inch AMOLED display (and easier to hold) (compared to the 6.5-inch screen on Xperia 1) with a resolution of 1080 x 2520. The Xperia 1 display offers a 4K resolution of 1644 x 3840. The Xperia 2’s size measures 158 x 68.3 x 8.3 mm compared to 167 x 72 x 8.2 mm in the current model. In addition to the smaller screen size, the sequel will appear as a smaller copy of the original with one exception; The triple camera configuration on the back is now on the left side of the rear panel instead of in the center of the rear panel.

The Xperia 2 will have the same three rear cameras as the Xperia 1 but in a different location

Xperia 2

A new rendering of the Xperia 2 and the phone should be presented at the IFA exhibition is expected to take place from 6 to 11 September. Although for now, we call it Xperia 2, it is possible that the device has a name like Xperia 1s or Xperia 1v or even Xperia 1r. In a GFXBench benchmark test, the phone appeared with 6 GB of memory and 128 GB of native memory. The triple camera configuration will have the same specifications as the snapper trio found on the Xperia 1; If true, the Xperia 2 will be equipped with a 12 MP main camera with an aperture of f / 1.6, a 12 MP camera with 2x optical zoom and a 12 MP wide-angle camera. With the smaller screen, we could slightly reduce the battery size of the 3330 mAh battery used in the Xperia 1. The Xperia 2 will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform and, according to renderings, has a small front, a small chin and thin bevels on the sides.

Sony recently reduced its projections for smartphone sales by 25% for the fiscal year started April 1 and ends March 31, 2020. Sony’s original estimate for the sale of 5 million phones during the current fiscal year has been reduced to 4 million units. That cut comes after the company announced that a record 900,000 Sony smartphone had been registered in its last quarter. It was the first time that Sony has sold less than 1 million smartphones for a period of three months.

Sony seems to be everywhere when it comes to smartphone development, as we underline with the spaghetti analogy. Recently, last year, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said that the reason he not only leaves the industry is that he can continue to monitor what is happening in the communications industry until the next paradigm shift. The manager said that by continuing to sell phones, he can continue to be a leader in the communications industry.

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