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New Round Of Leaks Of Galaxy Note 10 And Note 10+ Completes All Empty Spaces

After a steady stream of ever-larger leaks revealed the Galaxy Note 10 puzzle piece by piece over the past few months, yesterday a new collection of key specs was revealed in one of the most important reports based on insider information. But many things remained secret, while others seemed to contradict the previous rumors, leaving us waiting for official confirmation.

Of course, Samsung still has a couple of weeks to go out and offer this, but meanwhile, Evan Blass, Steve Hemmerstoffer and Jon Prosser have the best they can give us. Two of the most prolific mobile technological filters and one of the most popular YouTuber that covers smartphones on the Front-Page Tech channel have essentially the same information to share in the Note 10 and Note 10+ specifications, obviously confirming its accuracy with its almost perfect reputation.

Specs And Features Of The Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+

According to the three solid sources, the smallest of the next two Samsung flagships with a needle will have a 6.3-inch Infinity-O AMOLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate, while including the new Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon 855 Plus in the US replaced by an internal Exynos 9825 in Europe. This is great news for mobile players who may have been disappointed by the recent speculation that the “normal” Note 10 could maintain a normal Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Of course, it is unlikely that the Galaxy Note 10 will be marketed specifically as a gaming-focused phone, which explains why it is not getting a 120Hz screen update. On the positive side, the 6.3 inch should incorporate a large number of horses, including 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal memory (in an entry-level configuration) and a 3,600 mAh battery with theoretical support for an incredibly fast load of 45 W. In theory, we mean that the charger sold with this standard phone apparently will have a speed limit of 25W.

You will need to purchase an improved power brick separately to take full advantage of the 45-watt upgrade, but while we’re on the subject of accessories, Samsung at least plans to include the Note 10 with a headphone dongle. This means that the device will not be supplied with a traditional 3.5 mm audio port or a microSD card slot, for that matter. The layout of the triple camera setup on the back is tilted to combine a 12 MP wide-angle lens with a 12 MP telephoto sensor (also known as “zoom”) and an ultra-wide-angle 16 MP trigger, which looks a lot like the imaging equipment of the 6.1-inch Galaxy S10.

The main differentiator between the two families of high-end smartphones will remain the S Pen, which should get air gestures (or Air Actions) for an extra touch of magic.

Unique Selling Points of Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Like the Galaxy S10 Plus, not only should the Note 10+ improve the screen size of the 6.3-inch sibling. Obviously, a jump to a 6.8-inch panel (with the same centered hole-punch) is significant, but it is also far from being the only thing that will separate the Note 10+ from the Note 10. The larger phone will be supplied with a much stronger 4,300 mAh battery, microSD support, and even a fourth rear camera.

As expected, the additional image sensor will handle the deep scan and several 3D tricks that should bring augmented reality experiences to a whole new level one day. Unfortunately, Samsung has no plans to double the improved battery capacity of the Note 10+ battery with an improvement in terms of charging capacity offered by the factory. Finally, the inclusion of a microSD card slot in the larger Note 10 variant is a total scratch.

Of course, 256 local digital hoarding gigs (to begin with) sounds a lot, but when the expansion of external memory has become a premium feature that is worth integrating exclusively into super expensive devices such as Galaxy Note 10+?

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