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Opera Mini vs UC Mini: Comparison

Mini browsers are amazing as they are quite fast. Such browsers are best to use if you have a phone with less memory, low power chips, and storage space. As the fancy and resource feature is stripped out, the UC mini and opera mini work even great with slower networks.

Today we will be talking about UC mini and Opera Mini which is best and why to use. The article contains a detailed comparison of both apps to help you pick the best one for you.

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UC Mini

The UC browser is considered to be the top browser in Asia and the second most popular worldwide as there are approximately 400 million users worldwide who use the UC browser.

The UC browser is available for Android phones with lower space. In this case, you will use a UC browser mini. You can use this tiny package on your Android device with lower specs. It takes a 20 MB space for the installation process which is much less than the UC browser.

UC mini is a popular browser as it saves on bandwidth, consumes less memory and space, multi-language support and packs an ad blocker. The mini version is quite different from the UC browser. It has more powerful download features than the UC browser.

Why use UC mini

  • Fast Browsing
  • Smart Downloading
  • Incognito Browsing
  • Night Mode
  • Data Saving
  • Ad Blocker

Download UC Mini

[appbox googleplay com.uc.browser.en]

Opera Mini

A mobile web browser developed by Opera Limited company. It was primarily designed for the platform of Java Me as a low-end sibling for opera mobile. But now it is exclusively developed for Android and iOS.

In addition, it features data compression to help the browser to reduce the amount of data consumed during browsing without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The Opera Mini lets you do everything that you want to do online without wasting your time. It is fast and safe mobile web browser that you can easily use.

Why use Opera mini

  • Keeps advertisements away
  • Allows video download
  • Reduces stress on eyes
  • Stream videos faster
  • Data saver mode
  • Navigation Cards

Download Opera Mini

[appbox googleplay com.opera.mini.native]

Note: The UC browser was pulled down from Google Play Store after several users of Reddit has accused that the Alibaba as stealing data and violating the privacy policy. An official statement was sent by UC browser later, and since then the app reappeared on the Google Play Store. Although UC mini was never banned we feel hesitant to recommend you especially after what happened with UC Browser.

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Opera Mini vs UC Mini: Comparison

Opera Mini vs UC Mini

App Size and Dimensions

On Google Play store the size of opera mini is not mentioned, but I download it on my Redmi Note 5 Pro and it occupies 35MB. UC mini takes 85MB of space which is still small but it is twice more the size of Opera Mini.

The content rating of the Google Play Store state that UC mini is suitable for kids above 12 years and it provides unrestricted internet access. So, the UC browser is not very ideal for kids.

We don’t know the reason but both Opera Mini and UC mini want to access and control user’s phone call records. UC mini does not work if you do not give access to your phone call functions. The surprising thing here is that you will notice a popup showing that your device is protected by Customer Privacy Policy.

What if you want your phone call data private and don’t want to call directly from the app? In an ideal case, mobile web browsers do not need these permissions to function properly.

Both Opera Mini and UC mini display ads and the later come with a default warning when you open the app for the very first time. Both apps insist to make necessary permissions. The good thing is Google has removed apps that demands call logs and SMS permissions. Let’s see how this work out in the future.

UI and Design

Opera mini rocks with its clutter design. It has lots of links and options right on the home screen. Under the address bar that is powered by Google, you will notice a set of bookmarks. Below you can also see stories and news items aggregated by Opera. You cannot disable them but you can choose your language and default news categories.

At the bottom, there is a logo similar to Opera. Tapping on it will take you to the settings, ads blocker, bookmarks, offline pages, downloads and data saving option at the top of the menu.

The design of UC mini is equally cluttered with news as well as video feeds across several categories and language options. UC mini shows adult content by default under the recommended tab.

Additional options such as bookmarks, videos, and tabs are accessible at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom right corner, tap on the home button and it will pop the address bar with some default bookmarks.

Ad Blocker

Both UC mini and Opera mini comes with a built-in ad blocker. However, there is only one who does a better job of blocking the ads.

Opera offers a seamless experience where the user will not feel a gap between the content after blocking the ads. Other than that, although UC mini blocks ads effectively, it still shows a gap between the content after blocking. On phones with a smaller display, the same article may give you an impression that you have reached the end.

Data Saver

Both apps are pretty fine in saving bandwidth and load pages quickly. I have used both these apps from the past few days and the difference is negligible. I usually use these apps to open a couple of sites and read a few articles. And my experience both apps is quite good.

If you click on Opera icon reveals that I saved 1.5MB of data and blocked two ads. I browsed through default settings which means it includes high-quality images.

The clicking of stats will give you a day wise breakdown with settings for image quality and data saving. Tweaking these sites will help you to save more data.

UC mini does not save a single KB of data. It is quite surprising as I have heard it is pretty good at saving bandwidth. US mini saves data only when you are using mobile data on your phone.

What if someone is using hotspot? That is Wi-Fi but still data. If you have two phones then you can test it and see yourself it to be true.

UC mini does not save any data if you use Wi-Fi, even it is through hotspot to access the internet on the phone.

Other Features

Both opera and UC offer some additional features. You can also use both apps in dark mode. However, Opera mini reduces the brightness setting on enabling the dark mode. This is silly but thanks to UC mini as it gets it right and displays the web pages with a dark background.

Although red is the default theme of Opera you can change it under themes in the Settings.

The background of UC mini has a pre-loaded wallpaper that you can download for free. You can search I different categories for the desired wallpaper. You can also use photos on your phone as the background on UC Mini.

UC mini provides some handy tools such as Clipboard to copy and save URLs, Screenshot to save web pages as images, and a QR code scanner. You can access all these options inside the Tools menu.

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Wrapping up

It is ironic that both apps block ads on 3rd party sites then go on to show the sponsored content and ads on the home screen. I found opera mini to be more focused with a limited number of features as compared to UC mini.

US mini offers more features and a dark mode that works fine but the question arises here that we have also mentioned above is the demand for unnecessary app permissions.

And here the comparison ends! Don’t forget to mention your thoughts about the comparison and which app you prefer to use and why not the other. And keep visiting the site as we will be back soon with another interesting comparison to share with you.

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