Pirates Outlaws Review – Slay the Spire for mobile?

There is a latest new CCG roguelike game and it emulates Slay the Spire on mobile named as Pirates Outlaws. It’s not quite up to extinguished on a platform quite spares on that genre’s front.

pirates outlaws As you can see that name suggested this is a CCG featured and all things are about pirates. You’ll choose your favorite class of pirates from the standard gunner all the way up to a cursed captain or a rich admiral. In the start, each class has a different and unique ability, skin and deck and you have to unlock all of them. There are six classes in total and all of them have cost a considerable sum of gold which you have to earn during each adventure.

You’ll also earn a secondary currency and reputation that you have to earn after unlocking a bunch of classes. These pirates did not just follow an old captain but it also prevents you from just buying your way to victory via IAPs.

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Pirates Outlaws costs about a mere dollar

Yes, it is a premium experience and an inexpensive game. You can buy it at just $ 1. There are a lot of IAPs you can purchase them to boost your experience. These range from standard gold purchases to boosters which grant you more reputation, more experience, and gold.

There is nothing to be greedy about IAPs you can earn every single of them by simply playing games. It will just take some time but you can earn them. In term of gameplay, with a pirates twist it is a pretty standard roguelike CCG game. You can choose an island to explore from three islands and the other two you can unlock them with gold and reputation.

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Once you’ve selected, you’ll play against a bunch of different islands. Each time when to head over to a different island you’ll experience a new shop, new events, from battle t taverns and more random happenings. All the way you’ll pick up new cards and add them to your deck, relics that provide passive bonuses and gold which you can spend in shops on new cards and relics.

Each level is a series of random events followed by a boss battle

 Each level is a series of random events followed by a boss battle and boss battle is more difficult than an average battle and require all of your skill and deck knowledge to progress. Beat the boss and you enter to the next level of the game to explore. You have to explore three different areas to successfully complete a run and gets maximum rewards.

pirates outlawsIn terms of battle, it’s pretty standard stuff. You’ll often face multiple opponents and you can you cards which represents shields, bullets shots, punches and sword swipe against them. Most of the cards have an “ammo” cost to play which you can restore by playing an ammo card in your deck. You can play all cards in your deck in each round your hands don’t grow in size over time.

The biggest disadvantage of this game is that it has a lack of animations. The developer invests a big effort to provide such a lovely character’s art for you and enemies character but when they attacked they don’t do anything.