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Powerbeats Pro Feature IPX4 Water Resistance, Here’s What That Means

Apple’s Powerbeats Pros are now in the hands of reviewers and we’re all set to learn a few things about them that weren’t available yet. As we knew that they had a “reinforced design” that was resistant to sweat and water, but we are not sure how far it could be pushed. Now, because Powerbeats Pro has an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Powerbeats Pro

This means that they are certified to spray water against them from any direction, but if they are immersed in water or exposed to pressurized water, all bets are void. The interesting thing here to note is that Apple has not made this rating public and is not found in any of its marketing materials as well. Instead, it is notified by iMore that the evaluation was part of the reviewer’s guide provided with the Powerbeats Pro review units.

“Both the Apple and Beats websites don’t mention an official IP rating; however, in Beats has confirmed in a marketing flier sent out to reviewers that the PowerBeats Pro carries an IPX4 rating.”

Now that we know that there is an official water resistance assessment, we can be sure that you are using Powerbeats Pro in most situations. That being said, swimming is obviously not the best idea, but if you are caught in light rain or you like to sweat in the gym in that case, you are probably ready.

Of course, with or without the rating of water resistance, we cannot imagine that Apple is too receptive if it tries to claim that its Powerbeats Pro are defective if they have been wet, no matter how light their contact with the liquid is.

(Source: iMore)

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