How To Remove Somebody From a Snapchat Group

Snapchat is getting popular day by day due to its uniqueness. Probably there is not social media app which can be called an exact alternative if it. Since the inception of Snapchat in 2011, Snapchat brings major and minor changes in each update. Now there is alot of difference in Snapchat’s first version and Snapchat latest version Meanwhile, Snapchat was innovating its app they also bring the Group chat feature. Group Chat is the most common feature among all social media, communication apps, and Messengers. Like others, you can enjoy a group conversation with your Snapchat friends.

Remove Somebody From a Snapchat Group

Snapchat Group Chat Features:

  • Snapchat has increased the limit of the participant which can participate in a Group Chat. The previous limit was 16 now they have doubled the limit. In the current Snapchat version, you can add upto 32 members in Group Chat at a time.
  • If there is no activity detected by Snapchat in the group within 24 hours, the group will be dissolved automatically right after 24 hours.
  • Sent snaps or messages will disappear if someone watched it. The rule is to apply to all participants even others haven’t seen that message of Snap Yet.

As we all know that the creator of the group has the authority to add the desired persons in Group. But, there is a problem with Snapchat Group Chat Feature. And that is, no one can remove a person from Snapchat Group. Unlike others, Snapchat didn’t include the Remove option in Group Chat. This is not a minor drawback and Snapchat should consider it.

Can we remove someone from the Snapchat Group?

Many Snapchat users have a common question “Can they remove someone from Snapchat group. For example, one of the Snapchat Group members is crossing his limits. Due to his or her violent behavior, other group members are getting annoyed. Now how can you remove it from Snapchat Group? Snapchat doesn’t have any option. Only the person its self can remove it from the Snapchat group.

We don’t want to see you disappointed. So, we have collected some tips and tricks to get rid of a person in the Snapchat group.

Ask the person to leave:

As we told you before that only the user have the right to leave the group, the admin can’t remove him or her. So put this case on the member.


In this trick, you have to order that person to leave the group. Say him that because of your behavior other members are feeling uncomfortable. If he has few moral values left in him he will quickly leave the group. But if the person is still void and sassy and not ready to leave the group then proceed to the next trick.

Wait for 24 hours:

It’s a fact that many Snapchat users are already aware of it. On Snapchat, chats got deleted after 24 hours. If any of the participants are willing to delete chats after a day limit. The same trick happens with the Snapchat Group. If no one sends a message within 24 hours in the group than the group will get closed automatically.

There is a problem with this trick. If the targeted participant is sending messages in the group even he is alone, the group will keep running and you can’t get rid of him. Unless you leave the group by your self.

Create a new group:

That’s the most proper and workable technique to remove a person from the Snapchat group. May you remove that person from a group but you can do this action with yourself.

Create a new Snapchat group, add all the participants excluding that person you want to remove. After creating the group ask all participants to leave that group including you. Through this trick, the controversial member will be left alone and the group will get closed automatically. On the other hand, you can keep enjoying Group Conversation with your friends. I think that’s the best way to remove someone from the Snapchat group.