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Report: Apple is All Set To Kill Off iTunes

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A new look at the existing Bloomberg speculation now has only corroborated reports on three new macOS apps, but it also gave a fatal blow to the iconic Apple iTunes software.

According to the report, Apple plans to kill iTunes and remove it completely from macOS during 2019.

The growing readiness for next week’s World Developers Conference has made it clear that the company will announce three new Mac apps for music, TV, and podcasts. The existence of such apps would mean that there would be less heavy work for iTunes due to the fact that many of the main functions would have been removed and included in an independent experience. The initial suggestion was that iTunes still existed to handle syncing and backup features, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

At least not in macOS. The angle here is that the new music app, which will be the home of Apple Music on Mac, will also do a lot of lifting under the hood, including synchronization management, which would make iTunes obsolete for Mac users.


However, it would give the same Mac users a collection of new apps to refine, which would include a collection of new experiences and an easy way to access your favorite content without having to fight the number of packages like iTunes. Most users don’t use almost any of the iTunes features.

If Apple would have made this decision and announced the decision in the WWDC next week, it seems very unlikely that the company will do everything it can and will do the same with Windows. Apple can create music, television and podcast apps that can be included as part of the MacOS experience but it does not have the same level of control and distribution on Windows or other platforms.

For this reason, it is likely that iTunes will remain to be a Windows experience and will continue to be offered, updated and supported for those living outside the MacOS ecosystem. At least for now.

As always, if anything else progresses in this, we will make sure to inform you immediately.

(Via: Bloomberg)

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