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Report Galaxy S9 Resale Value Dropped By 30% More Than iPhone X in First Nine Months

Galaxy S9 Resale Value

You need to consider several things when taking a decision to buy a new high-end phone such as cameras, CPU, size of the screen, display and what about the value of resale? It is something that many people take into account but according to Bank My Cell, resale value is something that you should consider too.

According to the new retailer report, there was a dramatic difference in iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9’s resale values, the two comparable devices. One from Apple and the other from Samsung. As per the report, over the time period of nine months, the price of iPhone X which was $999 falls to 30%, with a resale value of $690 and with Galaxy S9, the price falls to 60% with the resale value of just $290.

These things were not very great from the first month of its release. According to Bank My Cell

“in fact, the S9 lost 10.73% more of its resale value in the first month of release than the iPhone X did in nine months! Ouch.”

So far, these facts are showing that the resale value of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are producing somehow similar resale values. So, this is something that will be appreciated by buyers when the next iPhone will roll out by the end of this year.

So now you will be able to move the older iPhone for the new one as this is one of the greatest ways to get your hands on new and latest gadgets that Apple offers. But if you are using Samsung then you might need to keep more cash in your hands to upgrade from your older phone.

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