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Roadmap reveals when a well-known Android browser will kick the bucket

 Fenix: Mozilla

Back to the time of last summer, it was rumored that Mozilla is working on a new Android browser called Fenix. This will replace Firefox eventually for Android and a support document is also posted by Mozilla that is offering something of a roadmap for this transition set up. After the Firefox browser app for Android receives Firefox68 in July, future updates will only carry some security patches and bug fixes. The Firefox browser will be moved to the Extended Support Release (ESR) branch where Mozilla can easily manage engineering, testing, and release builds until Firefox reaches EOL (End-of-life) status.

A well-known Android browser will kick the bucket

Fenix browser

As we said above that the Fenix browser will replace Firefox, but not until Mozilla is sure that Fenix has reached “migration readiness status.” So, Firefox will continue to be kept secure and supported until Mozilla is quite sure enough that its new browser is ready to receive the migration of the users of Firefox. Based on the timeline that is created by the not for profit developer, Firefox will be kept alive until sometime next year.

According to Ghacks, the timeline for Firefox calls for an update to version 67 on May 14th, 2019 that is followed by the update of Firefox68 to be disseminated on July 9th. After this movement to the ESR branch, the browser app will be updated in September, October, and December and once again these updates are only for security patches and bug fixes. As soon as Fenix is ready to receive those using the legacy version of Firefox, support for the latter will eventually come to an end.

Fenix was built from scratch; as per the reports of Android Police, it will feature a brand-new UI. Like the interface of Samsung’s OneUI, the most used elements will be found on the bottom of the screen. Swiping up on the display will show more actions.

When you are finished browsing on Fenix, open tabs are saved in a bundle called “sessions.” When you are using the browser, you can save the sessions in the active tabs manually.

Mozilla once said that “Fenix is not your parent’s Android browser.” We won’t know how accurate that statement is until the app is ready for prime-time next year.

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