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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date, Pricing, Features and More 

The Galaxy Note 10 is quick approaching, and we’ve got a roundup and breakdown of different rumors about significant, core parts of the phone’s forthcoming launch and highlights. Let check the details about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 given below about its expected price, launch date, design of note 10, features of note 10, S pen, battery, Headphone jack and many different features of it.

Galaxy Note10

Launch date

Samsung propelled the Galaxy Note9 on August 9th in 2018, and it is reputed that the following Note will dispatch on August seventh this year. You can presumably make August 7th the date you mark in your calendar. While phone dispatches can generally be delayed, they’re commonly planned very well ahead of time and require significant venue, service, and travel arrangements to be composed, which means once a date is picked, it’s not trifling to change it. As it’s only two days before a similar time the Note 9 propelled a year ago, history is likewise on the side of this gossip. This appears pretty certain. We’ll be at the event in New York one month from now bringing you coverage of Samsung’s most recent Note.

Design and appearance

Official press renders of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+have spilled and give us a completely clear look at the upcoming phones, without the slightly-unrealistic tasteful 3D CAD mockups tend to. You can everything except rest assured the phones will seem exactly as they do in these images.


The renders affirm that the smaller Note10 will have three rear cameras, while the Note10+ will have four (probably, one being a depth-sending Time of Flight camera). Both phones will have what appears to be a to a great extent unchanged version of a year ago’s S Pen (and no, it doesn’t have a camera).


Reliable leaker Roland Quandt of WinFuture.de has leaked the expected European pricing for the Note10 and Note10+. To put it painly, our guesses seems accurate: Quandt say the Note10 will begin at 999 Euro, while the larger Note10+ will begin at 1149 Euro. Traditionally, Samsung’s costs in most European nations have numerically mapped on to the US MSRPs (i.e., the change rate doesn’t make difference). That implies you can likely anticipate the Note10 and Note10+ will be $999 and $1149 at launch in the US, respectively.

Galaxy Note10

Headphone jack

As per to very reliable sources, we have discovered that the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ will not highlight headphone jacks, a first for the Galaxy Note series. They will, be that as it may, still have proper volume and power keys. Samsung will dispatch a pair of AKG-branded USB-C headphones in the case with every Note10 and Note10+ as to facilitate the transition to type C audio, just as a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone dongle for those who wish to keep using their traditional headphones.

SD card slot

As per to a reliable source, we can affirm that just the Note10+ will have a microSD card slot. This had been recently supposed. The smaller Note10 will not have a microSD slot. With regards to the 5G version, we aren’t sure, however, I would lean towards the direction it having one given we accept the Note10+ 5G will be based on the 4G Note10+. For what reasons Samsung expel the SD card slot from the smaller phone? It’s anybody’s guess – it could be an approach to upsell the larger gadget, or a space restriction, we simply don’t know. It’ll be the first Note without an SD card slot  since the Note5.

Galaxy Note10

Battery size

Rumors to date have recommended the Note10 and 10+ could have batteries running somewhere in the range of 4000 and 4500mAh. One site – a not solid one, I might include- even claims both the smaller and larger Notes will share 4170mAh batteries, which appears incredibly imposible. Samsung insider IceUniverse initial idea that the 4G Note10+ could have a 4500mAh battery and faster 25W charging, while Galaxy Club (not what I’d call a reputable source) even recommends the absolutely improbably scenario that the smaller phone will have a 3400mAh battery.

S Pen

A rumor published recently this year set blogs on fire across the web claiming that Samsung could put a camera inside the Galaxy Note’s S Pen. Talking to our sources to date, everything shows that the Galaxy Note10’s S Pen will be to a great extent undefined from the S Pen of the Note9, which was the main real overhaul of the pen’s design in some years.

Galaxy Note10

A hidden camera, consequently, appears to be incredibly imposible. Such a component sounds amazingly finicky, expensive, and likely truly unreliable. The S Pen doesn’t even have an appropriate battery – only a super capacitor with amazingly restricted life outside the telephone. A camera using such a minor power source appears to be near inconceivable.