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Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Window Narrows In A New Korean Media Report

After a long journey that began many years ago with many different folding concepts conceived as game-changers in the mobile phone industry, Samsung swears that the design problems, failures, and vulnerabilities that paralyzed a commercial launch of the Galaxy Fold Initially scheduled for April have been resolved.

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Unfortunately, although last week the company went into detail about these latest improvements, all we know about the $2,000 revised phone history is that it will include a vague September debut in selected markets”. More information on availability will be released as we get closer to launch, but if you’re still excited about this device that broke so catastrophically in the hands of reviewers just a few months ago, a new Korean media report may be able to provide some first answers to one or two key questions.

Initial Production Will Be Limited

When the Galaxy Fold still had no name or details in its final commercial form, Samsung set a production target of at least 1 million units by 2019. Although it is not clear how many of them were considered ready for the first evening before the product was indefinitely The Korea Herald investor sources now predict that only between 20,000 and 30,000 copies will reach the Samsung domestic market initially.

Obviously, this is a ridiculously low number compared to the production volume of a new conventional Galaxy Note or Galaxy S series flagship, but given the complexity of this folding design and the uncertainty of the last few months, it’s almost incredibly high. In total, it is said that Samsung is preparing around 100,000 units for Korean sales, with the aforementioned global target of 1 million.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the Galaxy Fold is hard to find in September and maybe even in October, especially in a handful of smaller European markets where the flexible phone should have seen the light of day in early May.

Note Down The Date

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When it comes to the most likely relaunch date of one of the most commented smartphones this year, the major mobile network operators in South Korea are suggesting (unofficially) a window from 18 to 20 September. This is the second part of the third week of work next month, which would mean that the Galaxy Fold could finally be available by the time Apple introduces a new iPhone line.

Unless it’s a crazy coincidence, we have to admit that Samsung is brave enough … or completely crazy if it thinks it can rain in Apple’s big annual parade with such a divisive and prohibitive device. Having said that, if the Galaxy Fold has been “strengthened” and “stabilized” to a satisfactory extent, we can certainly understand the initial appeal of the user that the foldable device can generate for several people who can even afford to spend about two thousand dollars for a compact 4.6-inch capable of doubling without problems as a power consumption of 7.3 inches media.

It remains to be seen how many units will finally reach the US market where T-Mobile has surprisingly excluded plans to transport the device in its stores. This leaves AT&T as the only carrier that plans to sell the Galaxy Fold directly, while Samsung will probably offer variants designed specifically for use in “Ma Bell” and “Magenta”.

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