Samsung Galaxy Note 10: S Pen – New And Old Features

The Galaxy Note line of devices still has that functionality, that tool that no other phone can get so well: The S Pen stylus. Since it is not a simple capacitive pen, it actually works with Wacom technology for excellent rejection of the palm and sensitivity for 4096 pressure levels. It is very natural to use and offers advanced features through a mechanical button on the side of the S Pen and various software optimizations.

Aura Bluea Galaxy Note 10+

Note 10 itself is a pretty impressive phone, even if you never take out the pencil. And many users skip the experience, either because they are not interested in experiencing it or believe that a large number of features can be overwhelming. So, let’s help you out, okay? Here are all the things S Pen can do for you.

Write, Markup And Draw

Many people don’t have the charm of using handwriting on a phone … you have a perfectly valid virtual keyboard, right? Yes, this is true, but can we suggest you challenge yourself to try taking handwritten notes for next week? See if you strangely remember to keep a workbook, write ideas, emphasize the points and, in general, make a confusing mess of a strangely creative note and that only you can understand … at a glance.

In Note 10, you can also use the S Pen to draw freely in the Samsung Calendar application. Therefore, you can add and modify your events as you would in any calendar app, but you can extract the S Pen and mark specific dates or periods.

Of course, you can also scribble screens or images before sending them. An S Pen makes it much more precise than doing it with your finger.

And of course, there is the PenUP app for real design, even aspiring artists can control it and learn to draw through many step-by-step guides, “follow the lines”.

AR Doodle

A useful feature? It is debatable. But it’s definitely fun and awesome. With AR Doodle, Note 10 turns on the camera and lets you draw in the viewfinder with the S Pen. Whatever you scribble will become a virtual doodle and the phone will remember your location or what it is connected to. Therefore, you can draw virtual glasses on a face and “adhere” to the face. Or, you can place a scribble on the floor or on a desk; Once again, the phone will do a great job of keeping it in place as a real object.

Probably a great party trick you’ll soon forget. But well, even Animoji.

The Features Of Remote Control Grow And Grow

With Note 9 last year, Samsung introduced Bluetooth connectivity between the phone and the pen. Since then, the pencil has also been able to act as a remote control. We have the simple multimedia control functions introduced with Note 9: by pressing the S Pen button it is possible to act as playback/pause while pressing twice skips the song. In the Samsung Internet browser, a simple push of the button is “backward”, while a double push is “forward”. In the Camera app, the S Pen button acts as a remote shutter, so you can take selfies or start recording videos while the phone is placed on a tripod.

With the Note 10, we also have gestures with the S Pen. Hold down the button and scroll up, down, left, right or turn the pencil. At the moment, you can use it for multimedia control (swipe up to increase the volume, scroll down to reduce it) or move back and forth in the playlist by swiping left and right. The same gestures work for PowerPoint presentation slides. In the Camera app, you can switch between selfies or the main camera by scrolling up or down. All right, some of these sounds … redundant. But the good news is that Samsung has opened the S Pen API for third-party developers, so other applications may find some creative ways to use the S Pen wand.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to guess if you want to find out if an app is compatible with air actions. Every time you open an app that does it, you will see a small blue floating bubble appear to inform you that there are gestures available. Touch the S Pen (or hover over it) to see what you can do. It is worth noting: the blue bubble will not appear if you have disabled the mobile air command icon.

An Accurate Mouse Pointer Simulator

When you place the pen S near Note 10, you will notice a small “cursor” of points, which will show exactly where the tip of the pen is. This cursor, in fact, has the properties of a mouse pointer. This is mainly useful when browsing desktop versions of websites. Pop-ups or drop-down menus will start behaving as if you had a mouse over them, which is pretty good.

Finally, if you press the S Pen button and drag the tip over a text, it will be marked. Therefore, it behaves as if it were a left click and drags the mouse. Once again, an excellent production feature. The same applies to select several photos in the Gallery: holding down the button while dragging, a large selection box is drawn, which you can use to instantly tag several photos.

Cropped Screenshots, GIF Record

With Smart Select, you can draw an image on the screen and instantly transform it into a screenshot. Basically, it’s a faster solution to take a screenshot and cut it to the point of interest. As mentioned above, it is possible to write in the screenshot before sending/archiving it.

There is also the GIF recording function, which allows you to record the frames within a frame that is drawn with the S Pen. The phone immediately turns it into an animated GIF that you can share. Definitely a limited and situational use, but still excellent and useful. It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S series also has this function and that an S Pen is not mandatory for this.

Glance Feature

Galaxy Note phones have always been big enough in multitasking. The Glance feature is a unique solution from image to image, which we have not seen anywhere else. Basically, when you are in an app, you need to take out the S Pen and activate its aerial menu. From there, choose Glance and you’ll see that your app is reduced to a persistent square, which will remain above everything else you do on the phone. Each time the cursor passes over this square, the entire app will be enlarged again. You can interact with it, then press “start” and it will be reduced to Glance mode. Useful for productive people who always need the app to be always visible and easily accessible.

Add shortcuts to apps in the Air menu

If you have a favorite app that you like to use with the S Pen, you can put it in the Air menu. It is a kind of “always hidden” app folder, which appears only when the S Pen is removed.

Translate and Magnify

To round up with a couple more extras: the Note Translate feature lets you point the S Pen to the foreign text and have it translated by the phone. Although we believe it is probably best to use copy and paste in the Google Translate application, the S Pen translation feature is useful in some rare cases. The same with the magnification function: basically, it turns the S Pen slider into a large magnifying glass that expands the details on the screen. Most of the time, you can pinch the zoom anyway, but there are rare occasions when Magnify can use it.

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