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Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Bests iPhone XS Max Battery Life Comparison [Video]

Currently, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best device of the Korean company’s lineup, and when it comes to Apple we can say the same for iPhone XS Max. It means that we are able to compare both of them, but we are also not always sure that the methods for those comparisons are accurate, there is not much that we can do about that.


One of the reasonable outfits to test phones this ilk is a YouTube channel PhoneBuff, and they are at it again and now they are comparing both of the companies’ (Samsung, Apple) phone batteries that which one is long lasting on a single charge.

PhoneBuff always use a robotic arm to carry out various tests, it is also the same case here. They kept the phones at a temperature controlled environment, screens and speakers of phones are also calibrated to ensure an accurate comparison as possible as they can.

They test these phone by using various real-world things by themselves to see how batteries will respond, rather than use synthetic benchmarks like Geekbench. What do you think about it is up to you but what matters the most is the result of this experiment?

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To keep things in a perspective way, it’s worth noting that both of phones almost have identical displays with the Galaxy S10+ having a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel and the iPhone XS Max a 6.5-inch OLED panel. But resolutions differ at 3040×1440 for Samsung Galaxy S10+ and 2688×1242 for iPhone XS Max, and both devices are using CPUs on a 7nm process.

So, that the results of this experiment you can watch at PhoneBuff’s video for the full lowdown on how things panned out, but ultimately, the Galaxy S10+ won out. Whether that’s a surprise for you or not it will depend on how you look at things, but considering it has a 4100mAh battery compared to the iPhone XS Max’s 3174mAh, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.