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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Galaxy Watch, Active, and Gear S3: A Good Update?

Samsung has just announced its new wearables, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which we’ll probably see at the August 7 event. It’s a minor but significant update on Watch Active, which was released earlier this year. In fact, it would be right to say that The Active 2 is like the Galaxy Active should have been.

So, what does this new watch have? It looks a lot like the original Galaxy Active and works with the same Exynos 9110 chip inside, but that’s where the similarities begin to diminish.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available in an LTE variant, which makes perfect sense: being able to jog along with the watch and still be connected is a great convenience. The new watch is also available in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm, while the old one came only in the smaller case. Last but not least, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 reintroduces the rotating bezel … well, more or less. Instead of having a mechanical rotating ring, it has a virtual one: you can scroll the content by sliding your finger along the edge of the screen.

The new Watch Active 2 sensors have also improved response times, according to Samsung, and allow constant monitoring of stress levels in real-time. And yes, there is also hardware that supports electrocardiogram readings, but the ECG is not yet active in the device. It should be available later after performing the appropriate tests (if you remember that the Apple Watch 4 ECG also took a few months to be available).

All these new features make the original Galaxy Watch Active look like a demo version for this product. Thus, we have software improvements, which may or may not reach older models through an update. In particular, an integrated camera controller is finally available, allowing you to use the camera of an associated Samsung phone remotely. Samsung has also partnered with Calm developers to create a meditation and sleep monitoring application for Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Spotify to bring its music library to Watch Active with one touch. There is also a new My Style app, which automatically combines the sphere of the device with the clothes you choose.

So, yes, if you haven’t got an Active yet but we’re planning to do it, be sure to check out the Galaxy Active 2 first. It is available in multiple options (small/large, aluminum / stainless steel, cellular) and is simply the best active watch.

Do I need to upgrade to Watch Active 2 from Galaxy Gear? Or Gear S3?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Galaxy Watch

The new Galaxy Watch Active 2 is elegant and has some fantastic new features, so it is natural that the owners of the older Galaxy Watch and Gear S models are considering it. And it’s a little difficult to argue against getting one, really. Watch Active 2 is the first watch in the Active series that comes with a speaker and a microphone. It also has a version with a stainless-steel case and a leather strap, for a more elegant appearance.

Thus, it has many strengths. However, Galaxy Watch and Gear S3 have a few things for them. On the one hand, they have a very classic design, which makes them much more similar to normal first-class watches, than to brilliant physical activity trackers. And they have that mechanical ring, which snaps satisfactorily with each rotation. But is it enough to keep them in play?

Well, if you like the look of Watch Active 2 and are anxious to update it, he continues, it looks like a great update from Samsung. If you prefer to have a classic style watch, wait for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, we would say.

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