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Samsung Has Just Solved The Mystery Of The Top Hole Of Note 10

The new rival Samsung iPhone will come in two variants: Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. The smaller model will have a large 6.3-inch screen, which dropped 0.1 inches compared to the 2018 Galaxy Note 9.

And the Note 10+ will have a huge 6.8-inch screen, beating the 6.5-inch screen on Apple’s iPhone XS Max.

Both devices feature Samsung’s revolutionary “Infinity O” design with edge-to-edge AMOLED display. The phone will be available in a range of colors including Aura Glow and Aura Black. Aura Pink for Note 10 will be available in some countries along with Aura White for Note 10+. Only the Glow and Black colors will be available in the UK.


The Note 10+ has a smart battery that will help you save the charge even when you don’t try. The Samsung representatives told us that both phones should be charged for about 30 minutes to last a full day of use. Both phones have very large batteries: 3,500 mAh for Note 10 and 4,300 mAh for Note 10+.

Is it a plane or bird, is it a speaker or an infrared port? These were the questions we asked ourselves since we saw the mysterious elliptical thing at the top of Note 10 and 10+.

The Samsung representatives we asked were not really informed of the issue and when we inspected it closely in the events before the report, we discovered that it cannot be an IR blaster as seen in filtered renderings, just like we do. I wanted it However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ manuals are available today and have answered this urgent question once and for all.

It turns out that Note 10 and 10+ have two “speakers” at the top. One is made up of two small dots on the Premium Hole in the upper frame, where there is usually a headset, and the other is said to be a mysterious opening at the top of the phone.

The first is marked as a “speaker” in Samsung’s manual diagrams and is centered in the front, while also the elliptical opening next to the SIM slot is marked as such, but it is represented as decentralized, so it is. Obviously, Samsung considers them as two separate sound emitters.

It is certainly not used during video playback since we connected both the lower speaker and the upper opening and the sound kept coming. When, how and why this opening makes sounds, it remains to be seen in the first disassembly.

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