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Samsung May Have Completed The Redesign of the Galaxy Fold, New Release Date Remains Secret

While the CEO of Samsung, DJ Koh, broke the silence earlier this week with his personal feelings about the Galaxy Fold debacle, calling all the things “embarrassing’, the confusion continues to be the first word that comes to mind when it comes to the folding device that has often been delayed and that supposedly would have revolutionized the mobile phone industry.

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More than four months after its official unveiling and two and a half months after shocking quality problems were discovered in the review units, we still have no idea when a new Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected in stores. This is probably due to the fact that the company itself is not sure when the new product will be considered in prime time, even if for its value, Bloomberg requires a “two months redesign” to correct the shameful screen faults they have forced the initial delay have been completed.

Issues are in the rearview mirror

According to the generally reliable internal sources of the aforementioned publication, Samsung was able to resolve the two most important Galaxy Fold failures, as revealed by a comprehensive inspection of the disassembly some time ago. That is to say, the protective film covering the flexible screen feels more a natural part of the device than a removable accessory now, and above all, the hinge no longer protrudes from the actual screen, reducing the risk that the waste will remain blocked between the screen. The OLED panel is the rigid protection that cannot be removed as easily as before.

It looks pretty ideal, but if Samsung needed just a few more months to make these crucial improvements to the life of the phone, we wonder why the company introduced the Galaxy Fold to the market. A possible answer is, of course, the Huawei Mate X, which is now also late, allowing Samsung to rigorously test its first redesigned foldable phone before launching it correctly to the masses.

galaxy fold vs mate x

Of course, just because these two specific weaknesses have been corrected, this does not mean that Galaxy Fold 2.0 is an impeccable device that will never break. After all, DJ Koh has suggested that in the recent recovery process other problems have been defined that include some problems we don’t even think about, which are probably also close to the solution.

No Need To Wait For An August Release

Fearing a repetition of the catastrophic incidents reported in April, it would have completely buried Galaxy Fold and damaged the immense potential of folding smartphones in general, Samsung is taking time to fully evaluate the product duration and reliability. This excludes a relaunch at the end of the month and also makes an announcement near the Galaxy Note 10 family at the beginning of next month very unlikely.

On the other hand, if the company can eliminate small gaps between the screen and its bezels, it strengthens the plastic protection and reduces the possibility of a fold developing in the middle of the screen over time, the resulting gadget sounds like something that deserves its own announcement event. We very much doubt that the second version of the Galaxy Fold is perfect at all levels, but if you manage to get close to perfection, no, the functionality from day to day could be the beginning of the Samsung-planned revolution almost a decade ago.

In short, even if the Galaxy Fold ends up seeing the light of day dangerously close to the crucial holiday season (as, for example, in October), it should be considered a success story and not a “shame” … until it works.

(Via: Bloomberg)

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