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Samsung Uses Green Packaging for the Galaxy S10 Line

Samsung Released an infographic today identified with nature-friendly packaging it is using for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. Rather than plastics and vinyl, the company utilizes “environmentally sustainable materials.” It additionally upgraded the packaging; previously, Samsung used a sleeve to cover the whole box, included a holder plate and a base box. The Galaxy S10 packaging uses just the bottom box.


Samsung states that the new box “incorporates an all-in-one pulp mold that advances space for the devices and their components, and minimizes waste.” The company has replaced plastic ties with paper and now uses a matte completion on the Galaxy S10 charger. That enables the company to escape without covering it with a plastic protective film.

It was back in 2013 when Samsung presented its first packaging that was produced from 100% reused material. The primary 100% reused foldable box came out the next year. By 2016, Samsung began using regular materials for its plastic packaging, and in 2017 and 2018 the company debuted mash shape packaging. This is a thin, strong material that is totally recyclable. Presently, Samsung is shipping the Galaxy S10 in totally plastic-free boxes.

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Ilseob Baek, Vice President of Reliability Group, Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics” said that  “From the Galaxy S10 line’s structure stage, we were profoundly dedicated to developing eco-friendly packaging materials. We will keep on supporting worldwide efforts to make our planet progressively sustainable by using eco-friendly materials in more items.”

Other than using reused paper for the Galaxy S10 packaging, Samsung utilizes soy ink. This is created from soybeans and is a natural contrast to regular petroleum-based ink.


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Check out the infographic in the slideshow given above

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