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Samsung Will Offer Galaxy Fold Owners A One-Time Break On A Screen Replacement

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be re-launched in the US on September 27th. About five months have passed since the original launch date of the folding phone on April 26th. You probably already know the whole story. Several influencers have ignored the warnings that Samsung has included in its review units to not remove the plastic film on the large internal screen. The manufacturer stated that this could damage the device. So why did the influencers do this? Most new smartphones have a protective film on the screen designed to come off before the device starts for the first time (it makes that phone new and satisfying that much love). But Galaxy Fold was different. Furthermore, debris entered the Galaxy Fold through the openings at the top and bottom of the hinge. Some of this waste produced bumps on the internal screen. Other review units simply stopped working.

So, Samsung launched the kibosh on April 26, US carriers repaid and canceled advance orders and the company returned to the drawing board. Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh admitted that the company tried to eliminate the Galaxy Fold before it was ready. Samsung put the protective film under the frames so that users could not remove it and the top and bottom of the hinges have been covered to prevent dirt and debris from entering the device through the opening. Furthermore, layers of metal were added to reinforce the Infinity Flex screen.

Samsung will charge $149 to Galaxy Fold users to replace the internal screen, but only once

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Even with all these improvements, the Galaxy Fold is a fragile device. Samsung made clear with a video released last week noting that those with the folding device should use a light touch on the internal screen. It also said that because of the magnets used to keep the screens folded when they are closed, those who use the device should be mindful of objects that could be hit. But suppose you are careful how much you can, but still damage the screen. Samsung will allow Galaxy Fold owners to replace the screen for only $149 in out-of-warranty repairs. However, that price will only be available once, and only during the first year of ownership for those who purchase folding on December 31st, 2019 or earlier. Samsung has not said how much it will cost to repair the screen a second time.

Samsung offers useful tips for those who pay $ 1,980 to own the first foldable Android produced by a major manufacturer. The producer says:

  • Do not use hard or sharp objects on the screen, such as a pen and a fingernail.
  • Do not place coins, keys or cards on the phone’s internal screen.
  • Since the Galaxy Fold is not dust or water-resistant, keep it away from smart particles and liquids.
  • Do not remove the protective film on the top of the internal screen and do not apply protective stickers or films to the screen.
  • Keep your Galaxy Fold away from credit cards and implanted medical devices due to the magnets used in the phone. In fact, if you have an implantable medical device, Samsung suggests that you consult your doctor before using the device.

“To give you peace of mind with this exciting new screen technology, we are offering a one-time out of warranty screen replacement within one year of purchase for the special price of $149 (+taxes) if you purchased your Galaxy Fold before December 31, 2019”- Samsung

The bottom line is that if you don’t treat your Galaxy Fold with children’s gloves, Samsung will only give you the opportunity to replace the screen with what you consider a bargain price. But if you have to replace the screen a second time, it will seem more in your pockets to replace it.

(Via: The Verge)

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