Samsung’s Fast T5 Portable SSD Gets New Gold And Red Colors

The hyper-well-known Samsung T5 has gotten an update, although nothing inside the portable SSD has changed. Rather, Samsung has added two new shading alternatives to the lineup with Rose Gold and Metallic Red joining the current Deep Black and Alluring Blue colors that were at that point accessible.


The Samsung T5 is an entirely skilled portable SSD with transfer speeds of up to 540MB/s on account of its USB 3.1 Gen2-capable associations. Numerous Mac users take advantage of that speed and incredible portability as an approach to expand the storage of their computers, and now two new hues are accessible.

Those new colors are just an alternative if you are getting the 500GB or 1TB storage limits, however. As was beforehand the case, 250GB drives come in Alluring Blue while the 2TB drive comes in Deep Black. We’re not so much beyond any doubt why that is the case, however, it’s where we are.

Samsung conveys new designer colors to the T5 Portable SSD, including a refined Rose Gold and bold Metallic Red aluminum warp up. The new colors join the first Alluring Blue and Deep Black completes providing four choices for colors and storage capacities. Rose Gold and Metallic Red are accessible in 500GB and 1TB capacities. The class-driving T5 delivers storage on the go for almost any gadget, offering file transfers up to 4.9 times quicker than external HDD.


Once more, no matter which of these colors you pick, you’ll be getting the similar drive inside. The similar limit and performance will be on offer, so this is simply a case of picking a color that best suits either your setup or your own style.

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I’d go for that flawless Metallic Red if I were purchasing again, but at the same time, I’m more than glad for the Deep Black 1TB Samsung T5 that I’ve been using throughout the past few months and these things come highly suggested.