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Samsung’s Fast Wireless Charging Pad Drops To Just $18 Making It A Perfect Buy For Android And iPhone Users

When charging standards of Samsung and Qi wireless fuse together they make an extremely reliable and performant product which ultimately stand the test of time. With this deal, you can get all of that and also a reduction in price which is $18.


Companies and accessory manufacturers are literally falling over themselves to push out their products of this nature into the market. This has partly been down that Apple has started to embrace Qi-compatibility in its latest smartphone models. It means that if you have a new iPhone or a cutting-edge Android device then you can simply rest it on this hardware and you are going to watch it charge with fast charging compatibility.

As you can expect from Samsung hardware that this charging pad has been engineered to offer maximum compatibility and functionality. It is Qi-certified charging pad, which means it has been designed and tested to perform perfectly to the Qi standard. It offers fast charging and it can also decrease the maximum charging time up to 50-minutes.Samsung-Qi-Certified-Fast-Charge-Wireless-Charger-Pad

It also offers a built-in cooling fan through which is designed to keep the hardware cool and in perfect condition. This is definitely a great Samsung accessory offered at an extremely low price. It is definitely going to appeal to people looking for a product of this nature.

If you are ready to make a minimal invest amount in Samsung’s extremely performant Qi-compatible wireless charger, then you will find everything that you need.

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It is very rare that companies will announce when these random deals will end, it means that it’s typically when stock depletes or when a minimum quantity has sold. The price of this Samsung charging pad is $18. So, keep in mind, if this is something that you want to purchase for yourself or someone else, grab it right now while the deal is hot.