Home News Serial Cleaner, the crime disposal simulator, is coming to mobile

Serial Cleaner, the crime disposal simulator, is coming to mobile

Ifun4all’s crime cleaning simulator, serial cleaning, is coming to mobile. Right now, only the IOS version has been formally announced (according to Touch Arcade), but we’d be surprised if it didn’t make it to Android.


The developers previous two releases, Red Game Without A Great Name and Green Game TimeSwapper, are both currently available on Google play store.

Serial Cleaner challenges you to clean up crime scenes without getting caught

We’d bet that this is a case of the developer being well aware of the fact that the Android version will take more time, so has only mentioned the iOS version to buy them some time. If you don’t hear of this yet, it’s a puzzler in which you have to clean up crime scenes for the mafia without alerting the attention of the authorities.

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Easier to clean:

what is easier t clean all about? From now on, normal mode will be easier to clean! All you have to do is start the game you normally would feel the benefits of reduced reduction rates, slower speed for Police and quieter movements. For those still wanting to break a sweat with a harder experience, go to the options menu where you can enable Hardcore mode. we hope that you’ll explore a lot of exciting gameplay options with this entirely new and diverse way to play serial cleaner.

Official link:

Game features:


  • 70s-inspired setting and funky soundtrack
  • Real- world data to modify levels according to the current time of day in the player’s whereabouts
  • Full story-driven campaign
  • Challenge modes


This game is good you can enjoy it from start to end. It’s a unique play style of an indie game that will give you so much satisfaction.


  • A very interesting art style
  • Great music
  • Really good graphics
  • Nice story which grabs your attention.