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Should you buy a Galaxy S10+ with 12GB of RAM

 Galaxy S10+ with 12GB of RAM

There are two reasons for you to buy a Galaxy S10+. First and the most important is the storage of 1TB. There are many people who need a lot of storage because they want to keep movies and music and other data on their phone. So most people will glad to know that with 1TB they can easily keep the required data on their phone that they use regularly. It’s quite amazing that Samsung is providing this much space but for that is it worthy of the huge amount of price? If you need it you may be excited about the huge space that it provides but what about the other reason?

More ram makes more sense.

When playing or streaming games on your phone more ram make sense. Suppose you are streaming your steam library that will let you play in the cloud in a hotel tv or 4k desktop monitor through Samsung DeX. Think of this gigantic memory that will display all those things that you want to see on your screen and with 4k stream buffer you will clearly know that why more ram is better.

The jump from 8GB to 12GB will be going to less obvious for the Android games that are available today and for that you need to take into account where this smartphone gaming is going to head.

Best Answer:

You should not buy Galaxy S10+ because you will never fill the 12 GB of RAM on your Galaxy S10+ under normal circumstances. It does not mean you will never need 12GB of RAM on a smartphone but it is most likely that you will move to any other option in the future.