Does Snapchat app have a Night/Dark Mode?

Snapchat is undoubtfully one of the best social media platforms in Snapchat Dark Modehistory. This app is premilary known for its privacy measures. Till the app development date to the current time, this app has never looked behind. Snapchat is continuously growing, and every year we see a prominent increase in the number of users. Due to such a massive user database, it is really difficult for Snapchat to be on everyone’s expectations. Snapchat Dark mode discussion consists of both critics and advocates.

We have already discussed the dark mode in many of our recent articles. For example, recently we published.

Why Dark Mode Should be the part of every app?

The dark mode is the most demanded feature nowadays in both System Software and Application Software. With the passage of time, renowned services keep giving the dark mode, night mode, and dark themes options.

It is the understood and authentic fact that smartphone or computer light rays are harmful to eyes. Especially when you are using the phone in low light or in darkness. In low light, you have to pressurize your eyes more as compared to light. Due to this people become the victim of farsightedness.

Dark Mode was developed to convert the user’s eyes. It keeps our eyes safe from the harmful rays. The dark mode also stops us from stressing our eyes which is the cause of many optical complications. Many social media platforms had already launched Dark Mode in their apps. Many are still working on it, hopefully, you will get Dark Mode on Snapchat in a future update.

Does Snapchat Have a Night/Dark Mode?

It’s a rare chance that Snapchat got failed to fulfill the expectation of technology geeks and common users. But unfortunately, in this case, there is no good news. Because Snapchat developers didn’t include the Dark Mode option yet.

We can’t say about the future. Will Snapchat give the Dark Mode option to users or not? Chances are that users will get this option in stock settings soon. For the time being, we brought alternative ways to enable Dark Mode on Snapchat iOS and Snapchat Android.

How to get Dark Mode on Snapchat (iOS):

iPhone users have to do some hurdle to activate Dark Mode on Snapchat for iOS. Because you have to install a tweak on your iPhone using the Cydia Impactor. The bigger headache is that you have to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad whatever iDevice you are using. Don’t worry we have already posted alot of easy procedures on how to Jailbreak iPhone and on iOS jailbreaking.

After Jailbreaking your iDevice, you have to install the Nightmare tweak. It is the Cydia Tweak that brings Dark mode on the various app including Snapchat. Here are the steps to enable Dark Mode on Snapchat for iOS using Nightmare Tweak the latest version.

  1. Launch Cydia on Your iDevice. (If you have not downloaded Cydia Yet, its time to do so).
  2. Search for the file on Cydia Tweak Store and Install it.
  3. Now download the Nightmare package for iDevice from this link.
  4. Once the file gets downloaded tap on Open in option and select iFile.
  5. Finally, tap on the installer to extract the package.

Nightmare will get installed on your device in a few seconds. After the installation, you have to start the springboard to apply the changes. Open your Snapchat, moves on Chats. Now you will see your Snapchat dark mode is activated successfully.

Nightmare tweak can easily bypass the Snapchat Jailbreak detection. Moreover, you can change the theme of Snapchat by different Color schemes offered by Nightmare.