Apple Advises 2019 iPhone Owners Not To Use Third-Party Display

Apple warns 2019 iPhone owners not to use third party displays

This week Apple has posted a new support page that highlights what it calls “the importance” of using genuine Apple screens to repair broken or broken screens on new iPhone models. And as the manufacturer points out, this means that if your new iPhone requires a screen replacement, Apple, an authorized Apple service provider or … Read more

Apple Adds Ultra-Wideband Technology To The 2019 iPhone Models

It Is Said That The Hardware For The Missing Apple iPhone Feature Is Disabled Within The Phones

There’s something about the new iPhone models that Apple briefly revealed during the new product event last week, and we’re not talking about bilateral wireless charging. The latest and best Apple phones have a new chip called U1. So, what does this U1 do? The chips allow phones to access a technology known as ultra-broadband … Read more

Apple Is Taking A Conservative Approach To 2019 iPhone Production Orders

Apple Is Taking A Conservative Approach To 2019 iPhone Production Orders

The iPhone 11 series is only a week away and analysts at Cowen and Rosenblatt Securities believe that Apple is taking a fairly conservative approach this year when it comes to orders. Apple aims to better manage excess stock in 2020 The total number of units ordered this year by Apple’s assembly partners is not … Read more

Apple Will Replace This Serious Defect For Free On Some Apple Watch Series 2 And Series 3 Models

Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 models

Apple today announced a free screen replacement program for the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 models with a broken screen. The program is offered to aluminum models only to correct a crack that says it appears in very rare circumstances and forms along the rounded edge of the screen. Apple says the crack … Read more

According To Reports, Apple Cancels The ‘Walkie-Talkie’ Feature For 2019 iPhone

Apple reportedly cancels 'Walkie-Talkie' feature for the 2019 iPhones

A recently released report reveals that Apple has stopped working on a project that would allow two nearby iPhone users to communicate with each other, even in areas without cellular connectivity. It was rumored that Apple was working on the project with Intel. Using long-distance radio waves, the two iPhones could exchange text messages in … Read more

2019 iPhones Could Get New Antenna Technology To Improve Indoor Navigation

2019 iPhones

A well-renowned analyst King-Chi Kuo has shared a new report recently and for this time the report is related to the iPhone lineup of this year. According to the contacted man, the 2019 Apple iPhones are showcasing a major change in the way the antennas are put together and for that thanks to a change … Read more