RIP: Apple AirPower Has Been Officially Cancelled

It’s been one of the most important and biggest stories of technology currently, and we all hoped that Apple would be able to pull off the AirPower. But alas, after over a year of expectation, the corporate has canceled the project officially. AirPower, for those that somehow have incomprehensible its lingering presence within the trade … Read more

iOS 12.2 Beta 6 Code Suggests Apple AirPower Charger Releasing Very Soon

iOS 12.2 beta 6

AirPower has become a uniform for many of us nowadays but you need to keep this mind here. This may look like the AirPower might be right around the corner this time. This is all because of the sixth iOS 12.2 beta show changes that recently got released and that could have AirPower launching soon. … Read more