Battery Life Issues on Your iPhone after Updating to iOS 13.4.1?

iOS 13.4.1

A week ago, Apple discharged the iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1 update. This was a minor discharge from the organization that was fundamentally planned for fixing a few bugs that were accidentally presented with the iOS 13.4 update. Nonetheless, as a comparison has appeared, iOS 13.4.1 additionally realized a few upgrades and regression to the … Read more

How To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues – Multiple Ways

Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues

Based on real facts, Google is never gonna stop producing smartphones. First, they collaborated with other smartphone industries to introduce Nexus devices. But now they have decided to turn the tables on their own. Without anyone’s help, they have started to deliver Pixel Series Smartphones in the market. Consider by yourself, What’s gonna happen, if … Read more