Samsung Will Offer Galaxy Fold Owners A One-Time Break On A Screen Replacement

galaxy fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be re-launched in the US on September 27th. About five months have passed since the original launch date of the folding phone on April 26th. You probably already know the whole story. Several influencers have ignored the warnings that Samsung has included in its review units to not remove the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Window Narrows In A New Korean Media Report

galaxy fold

After a long journey that began many years ago with many different folding concepts conceived as game-changers in the mobile phone industry, Samsung swears that the design problems, failures, and vulnerabilities that paralyzed a commercial launch of the Galaxy Fold Initially scheduled for April have been resolved. Unfortunately, although last week the company went into … Read more

Samsung To Launch The Galaxy Fold In September

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Samsung announced tonight that it plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold late in September. The device should have been launched on April 26th, but several problems arose that caused the manufacturer to delay the launch. While Royale FlexPai released it last year, Galaxy Fold would be the first fold offered by a major phone … Read more

Samsung Patent Shows A Phone With Large Screen To Become A Tablet

Samsung's patent

We recently informed you of a patent that Samsung received for a phone with a retractable display. This will let the user extract a smartphone from both sides and turn the device into a tablet. The screen would have been extended, connected to the tracks that would allow it to expand. Now, Samsung has received … Read more

Samsung May Have Completed The Redesign of the Galaxy Fold, New Release Date Remains Secret

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While the CEO of Samsung, DJ Koh, broke the silence earlier this week with his personal feelings about the Galaxy Fold debacle, calling all the things “embarrassing’, the confusion continues to be the first word that comes to mind when it comes to the folding device that has often been delayed and that supposedly would … Read more

The Samsung Executive Describes His Feelings About The Launch Of Galaxy Fold

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Yesterday, the CEO of Samsung Electronics, DJ Koh, not only gave an update on the status of the Galaxy Fold, but also explained how he personally felt about the missed launch. With the phone hovering in a waiting pattern for a green light from Samsung’s ground control, Ars Technica reports that the executive is embarrassed … Read more

Samsung Receives A Patent For A Phone That Expands To Become A Tablet


With the Samsung Galaxy Fold in limbo right now, the folding phone is far from the most ambitious smartphone design that Samsung has come up with to create. A patent received last month from the South Korean manufacturer revealed a phone that adds space to the screen and enlarges the screen size by showing additional … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Fold May Already Be In The Works With A Huge Screen And S Pen

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It was assumed that 2019 would never be the year that mobile folding devices entered the mainstream, but, at least, we expected to see a couple of them being marketed in limited quantities in a few key global markets by the end of the summer. This may not happen with the Samsung Galaxy Fold or … Read more

Huawei Mate X Will Be Launched By September With Android Installed, Says Huawei’s Exec

Huawei Mate X

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was postponed a few days before its launch on April 26 and a new release date has not yet been announced. It seems that this is the perfect opportunity for Huawei to approach and launch its Mate X to absorb all the media attention that comes with the launch of a … Read more

The Galaxy Fold Is All Set to Hit the Market, According to One Samsung Exec

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Just when you may have thought that the drama surrounding the often-delayed release of Samsung Galaxy Fold has peaked, a company executive adds the current intrigue and confusion. Technically, Kim Seong-cheol works for Samsung Display instead of Samsung Electronics, but as vice president of the display company of the latter, one would expect him to … Read more

Samsung Executives Discuss Investing In 6G, AI And Blockchain Technology


We just started taking the first steps of what will be a long walk to get global 5G networks up and running. That is the reason why U.S. President Donald Trump was ridiculed in February when he called for the U.S. to start implementing 6G technology as soon as possible. 5G networks will offer speeds … Read more

Some Samsung Galaxy Fold displays are experiencing disastrous issues

Some Samsung Galaxy Fold disastrous issues

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is supposed to represent the future and to be precise the future of smartphones and tablets. But just two days after Samsung began handing out review units in the US, there are multiple journalists who have begun experiencing some severe problems with the display. Not one, not two, but 4 issues … Read more