FCC Will Investigate After Apple iPhone 7 And Other Models Have Launched RF Radiation In Tests

Apple iPhone 7

Investigate will take place after the Chicago Tribune has tested several smartphones to detect radio frequency (RF) radiation. The newspaper has discovered something that could be alarming; The RF radiation emitted by Apple’s iPhone 7 has not only exceeded the legal security limit, but it has also been twice the amount of radiation that Apple’s … Read more

Samsung Electronics Is Ahead Of The Second Quarter Estimates Despite The 56% Drop In Operating Profits


As most analysts expected Samsung Electronics to register a 60% drop in operating profit for the second quarter ending in June. The US supply chain ban on Huawei was expected to result in a reduction in the number of chips sent by Samsung during the three-month period. The chip business represents two-thirds of Samsung Electronics’ … Read more

Ban On Huawei Could Hit Samsung’s Chip Business

huawei ban

Samsung Electronics should take a preliminary look at the second-quarter earnings report next Friday. The numbers should show that the South Korean manufacturer was negatively affected by the US ban that prevented Huawei from obtaining parts and software from the US. Memory chip shipments from Samsung to Huawei have been significantly reduced during the three … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S10 Sold More Than The Galaxy S9 With A Significant Margin

galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 had a pretty strong start when it was first launched in March and, according to Korean media, training performance throughout the second quarter of 2019 was just as impressive. The Galaxy S10+ Was The Most Popular Model Reporting data compiled by Counterpoint Research, it was reported that Samsung was able to … Read more