5G on the way! Analysts are predicting a big push for Android and iPhone sales

5g phone

Forecasts suggest that the global market of smartphones will decline by 5.5% in the first half of 2019. However, according to the latest IDC report, respectable levels of growth are expected in the remaining months of the year. 5G devices and cheaper flagships will increase demand this year Although the highest level of demand will … Read more

New look rumored for Apple iPhone XR sequel

Apple iPhone XR sequel

Although we have no idea of ​​the name that Apple will use for the 2019 version of its “cheaper or we can more affordable” iPhone XR, potential users include the iPhone XR (2019), the iPhone XR 2 and the iPhone 11R. For now, this latter seems as much as possible, so, for the purposes of … Read more

Discover the 2019 iPhone XR, Apple’s dual-camera budget flagship

Release date iPhone XR 2019

Although iPhone XS and XS Max represent the best of Apple, the best-selling model at the moment is the iPhone XR. This phone, like its premium siblings, will receive a substantial update by the end of the year. And today, four months from the end, Steve Hemmerstoffer has partnered with Pricebaba to show what the … Read more

iPhone XR 2019 might borrow key camera feature of iPhone XS

Lately, the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max have been at the center of most of the leaks by Apple, but the company is also in the process of developing an iPhone XR successor which has become the subject of the latest report for today. A telephoto camera as the iPhone XS series Citing information … Read more