iOS 13.1 Brings The Controversial CPU Throttling Feature On The iPhone 2018

iOS 13.1

Apple is proud of its customer-first philosophy, but the company’s practices are not always in line with it, or at least it does not seem so for outsiders. Over the years Apple has gone through all sorts of disputes, but probably the biggest was in 2017 when it was discovered that Apple reduces the maximum … Read more

Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS (iOS 12 Supported)

hey siri

Siri is undoubtedly the most efficient iOS assistant that iPhone users love for its incomparable good comprehension functionality. With the constant update of iOS, Siri is improving more and more with the new features implemented with each update. Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS (iOS 12 Supported) Unfortunately, however, there are still some iPhone … Read more

Apple Is Taking A Conservative Approach To 2019 iPhone Production Orders

Apple Is Taking A Conservative Approach To 2019 iPhone Production Orders

The iPhone 11 series is only a week away and analysts at Cowen and Rosenblatt Securities believe that Apple is taking a fairly conservative approach this year when it comes to orders. Apple aims to better manage excess stock in 2020 The total number of units ordered this year by Apple’s assembly partners is not … Read more

How To Transfer SMS & iMessages From Old iPhone To New iPhone XS/XR/X/8 Plus

Transfer SMS & iMessages From Old iPhone To New iPhone

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone and copy photos between two iOS devices, syncing messages from one iPhone to another is one of the most common needs when users switch to a new iPhone. Fortunately, you can transfer messages (both SMS and iMessage) from one iPhone to another using the integrated iCloud or … Read more

The Unofficial Video Shows Realistic Prototypes Of The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro mockups

The Apple iPhone 2019 models should be presented on September 10th, but we already have a good idea of ​​what to expect. Thanks to several renderings and losses, the new models are focusing and now an unofficial video shows a model of iPhone (LCD) with 6.1 inches and iPhone 11 Pro. The latter must be … Read more

These Mockups Show Us Exactly What To Expect From Apple In Coming Months

2019 iPhone mockups

Thanks to the previous renders, we already have a good idea of ​​what the Apple iPhones 2019 will look like. Today, a source published some images of three fictitious models for the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R that got. The biggest change from the aesthetic point of view is the … Read more

Reportedly Apple Will Produce And Sell Its High-end iPhones In India Coming Month


Currently, Apple produces the amazing iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 in India for many reasons. To make the phone locally available allows Apple to comply with local content regulations, which allow it to open the Apple Store in the country someday. And using the facilities of Foxconn and Wriston in India to manufacture their phones, … Read more

Samsung Electronics Is Ahead Of The Second Quarter Estimates Despite The 56% Drop In Operating Profits


As most analysts expected Samsung Electronics to register a 60% drop in operating profit for the second quarter ending in June. The US supply chain ban on Huawei was expected to result in a reduction in the number of chips sent by Samsung during the three-month period. The chip business represents two-thirds of Samsung Electronics’ … Read more

Latest Rumor About Galaxy Note 10 Bring The Headphone Jack On The Table And It’s Gone

galaxy note 10

Unfortunately, it seems that we have been tricked by the units before the release of Note 10 and Note 10 Pro supplied with “fake” headphone jacks … for some reason. Even if 100 percent stone has not yet been recorded that Samsung has actually killed the audio connector, it certainly doesn’t look promising … once … Read more

This Leak of Galaxy Note 10 Points Towards Incredibly Thin Bezels

galaxy note 10

Less than two months after the news of the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10, a protective film was shown online for the next Samsung flagship which confirms the presence of extremely fine bevels. Incredibly thin bevels and a slightly larger chin As indicated by previous leaks, Samsung seems to point to a more obvious … Read more

Mizuho Analysts Says, The 2019 iPhones Will ‘Lack Novelty’ Features

iphone 11

In a year where Google and Samsung seem to game up in almost every department. Reportedly, Apple is planning a number of upgrades for its next-gen iPhones. And for this reason, some analysts believe that the next-gen iPhones will be quite boring. Minor Upgrades in iPhone 11 Mizuho stated it is expected that the 2019 … Read more

The Sony Xperia 2 has leaked completely weeks before the Xperia 1’s release

Sony Xperia 2

The Sony Xperia 1 was first announced in February and is currently on track for launch next month. However, Sony is already working hard on the flagship’s successor and for that thanks to Steve Hemmerstoffer, we now know how the Xperia 2 will look. From the front Xperia 2 looks like a smaller Xperia 1 … Read more

New Google Billboards Compare Pixel 3a Price, Low-Light Photography To Apple’s “Phone X”

New Google Billboards

Google has finally announced the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL earlier this week and the company soon made the phones available for purchase. This also means that the advertising machine has been launched quite quickly, and many billboards have also appeared to indicate how much better the phone is compared to the iPhone X. … Read more

iPhone 2019 will offer reverse wireless charging, says Bloomberg

2019 iPhones

Bloomberg recently shared all the details of IOS 13 and now Mark Gurman and Debby Wu have turned their attention to hardware. The couple wrote a new report that says you can expect some interesting things to come with new 2019 iPhones, and it includes reverse wireless charging. It is worth reading the full article … Read more