The Best Bike Sharing App

Bicycle sharing has come a long way since the early days and the arrival of London’s Boris Bikes. Today, in cities up and down the country, dockless bikes are cropping up. Here’s a rundown of the best bike-sharing apps and schemes in the UK right now. ofo-smart-city

Transport of London:

Its start in London and with perhaps the most famous bike-sharing scheme in the country. The Santander Cycles (formerly Barclays Cycle Hire) are run by Transport for London (TfL). One of the reasons for the success of TFL bikes is that they are docked. There are more than 11,500 bikes at over 750 docking stations across London and the bikes, therefore, cannot be dumped on the streets.docked_bikes_london-w782The downside of the TFL Santander Cycles is that they are quite heavy at 23kg. if you live outside the capital, there are other options available.


Despite the similar yellow and black branding, YoBike is not Ofo – the Chinese bike-sharing scheme that at its peak had 6,000 bikes in UK cities, but has been forced to pull the lot. It is, however, another dock less bike sharing initiative which allows cyclists to use its iOS and Android app to rent bicycles and leave them anywhere they like.YoBike_Parked_Bristol


Perhaps one of the more famous bicycles sharing schemes in the UK, and not always for the right reasons, is Mobike. The silver and orange bikes certainly stand out from the crowd in terms of looks. The minimalist design is not just for style, however, it’s to help the company reduce maintenance and the number of pickups it has to make. Mobike has launched and withdrawn in some UK cities, such as Manchester, but the bikes can still be found in London.mobike-coverUbro, oBike, and Lime are the other examples of bike sharing app.

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