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The Hidden Code Reveals Possible New Features For The Google Assistant

A reputed source found a code in the Google beta version 10.20 indicating that some of the new features could be sent to Google Assistant. A series of codes suggests that a button will be available on the screen, always active, which will allow users to make the virtual personal assistant take care of the most requested tasks. The examples seen in the code include the request to the Google Assistant to play sounds to help the user fall asleep or request the latest weather information. Apparently, this function will be named “Ambient mode. A string of code says: “Do more while your device is locked and charging with Ambient mode“.

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Earlier this year, Google reduced the amount of activity it could ask the Google Assistant to manage while the phone is locked. According to the company; this was done so that someone could unlock the device using a “similar voice or a recording of their own voice”. One of the code strings discovered in the Google beta app gives this feature a name, as it says “Use Voice Match to send messages and access email, calendar, contacts and more when the device is locked”. Anything more personal, such as opening an app will require more than just vocal correspondence. This prevents someone from using a tape of their own voice to open a banking app that they use, for example.

Another string of code points in a new customization feature for the Google Assistant. The code strings say, “Hi, I’m your Google Assistant, here to help you throughout your day! I can be more helpful the better I know you. Which areas would you like some help with?” According to this code, it appears that users will be able to specify certain topics with which they could use the Google Assistant help throughout the day.

Finally, it appeared that Google could replace the routines feature. This will allow the Google Assistant to manage multiple actions through a single sentence. There are six options ready, including Good morning, bedtime, Going home, I’m home, Going to work. If you say “hello”, the google assistant will disable the silent mode; adjust lights and other smart devices; give you a weather update; scroll through the calendar for the day; read your day reminders; Raise or lower the volume by any means; and play music, news, radio, a podcast or an audiobook. The code seems to offer users direct access to explore more than one million different actions that the Google Assistant can perform. Google could allow users to create new routines by suggesting popular action macros.

It is not guaranteed that none of these new features will appear in the Google Assistant, but it gives us an idea of ​​what Google has in mind for your virtual digital assistant in the future.

(Via: 9to5Google)

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