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The iPad Pro 2020 Can Arrive In March With The LG 3D Sensing Camera

Rumors have recently been circulating about a possible update of the iPad Pro in late October, but a new report from the Korean website Elec suggests that Apple is planning a major update to the iPad Pro in March 2020.

The iPad Pro 2020 can be equipped with a time of flight sensor


The report itself reveals nothing about Apple’s iPad Pro internal updates for next spring but suggests that a fairly large camera update may be on the horizon. In particular, it appears that the recently released three-voice configuration could debut in the March 2020 models.

Physically, the new camera design should resemble that of the iPhone 11 Pro, although there will be some differences in functionality. Elec believes that Apple has signed an agreement with LG to provide flight time sensors for next-generation tablets. These modules help to capture significant amounts of depth data and ultimately can drastically improve AR experiences.

Accompanying the 3D sensor will be the main camera and probably also an ultra-wide-angle camera. Certainly, there is the possibility that Apple chooses to include a telephoto lens, but this is unlikely to greatly benefit the AR, so it seems more likely than an ultra-wide-angle camera.

By the way, it’s worth noting that Apple’s cheaper iPad models will eventually also inherit flight time sensors. If the company decides to update the iPad Air after twelve months, the possibility exists that it may occur in March 2020 along with the iPad Pro update. Otherwise, it may be delayed until the end of the year.

Will there be any iPad Pro updates in October and March?

Apple generally updates its iPad Pro models approximately every 18 months. An October update, as they said, would break this tradition, but another just five months later looks extremely unusual and perhaps not necessary. However, ultimately, there seem to be three possibilities to move forward:

Scenario 1: Apple skips the update of October entries in favor of a significantly larger update in March 2020 that would include 3D sensors and internal improvements.

Scenario 2: Apple abandons plans for a March 2020 update and, instead, it’s all included next month with iPad Pro 2019 models that include a triple camera configuration on the back.

Scenario 3: Apple introduces the iPad Pro 2019 models with Apple A13X Bionic and some other internal changes. So, in March 2020, it launches the latest models that have additional camera sensors on the back.

The iPhone Pro 2020 models will also include 3D sensors

This year’s iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, as previously mentioned, have three rear cameras. But with the iPhone Pro 2020-line, Apple should add a mix to the flight time to the mix.

Little is known about Apple’s other plans for cameras for iPhone next year, but today’s Elec report confirms 3D sensor reports. He suggests that, like the next-generation iPad professionals, Apple’s iPhone 2020s will use sensors developed by LG.

Other updates for the iPhone 2020 series could include ProMotion 120Hz displays on Pro models and OLED displays very similar to those found on this year’s iPhone 11 Pro devices on the standard iPhone 12.

Other changes include USB-C on Pro branded models, 5G support across the range, reverse wireless charging initially provided for this year’s devices and a completely new design on premium models that can reduce the size of the notch and results in 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch screens instead of existing 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens.

(Via: MacRumors)

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