The iPhone 11 may copy key Galaxy S10 feature, include faster USB-C charger

The iPhone 11 may copy key Galaxy S10 feature, include faster USB-C charger

The iPhone 11 series is still 6 months away approximately, but the latest information regarding Apple’s upcoming flagship and charging features are shared in the Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

The iPhone 11 could copy the Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare

You might know that Huawei has introduced a new feature named Wireless Reverse Charging on Mate 20 Pro in last October. This feature is not very practical due to its slow charging speeds. But it can still be useful in some situations where there are no power sources around. This detail prompted the Samsung users to add the similar feature named as Wireless PowerShare on the Galaxy S10 Series. And it seems Apple is following the same suit now.

Apple may include an 18W fast charger in the box

Wireless charging is becoming very popular nowadays for Apple and with the launch of AirPower, that is rumored to be very close and the focus on this feature with only intensify.

The majority of consumers will continue to charge the iPhone 11 lineup with the slow charger and cable. And some changes are on the horizon finally, according to the reports.

For years, Apple continued to ship its models with 5W chargers but according to Mac Otakara believes that the iPhone 11 series will eventually switch this brick for the 18W USB-C charger that is currently shipping with the iPad Pro models. however, don’t keep your hopes up for the USB-C port on the phone.

It was also reported that Apple was testing the new iPhones with both USB-C and lightning connectors. Although Apple has again chosen the latter. However, the included cable will sport the USB-C on one end and the lightning connector on the other.

If the company shows any progress with this small change then it clearly means that the consumers will access the fast charging from the get-go, rather than purchasing a $50 power bring separately.

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