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The new launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be announced soon

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Samsung is preparing to announce a new Galaxy Fold launch date in the coming weeks, according to a new report by The Korea Herald. While it was initially reported that an announcement was expected in a few days, it has now been confirmed that this is not the case, with weeks a more likely deadline.

The co-CEO of Samsung, DJ Koh, told the newspaper that his company “examined the defect caused by the substances [which entered the device], and we will reach a conclusion today or tomorrow [at launch].” This would surely suggest that Samsung has found a way to resolve display problems that plague demonstration units that have been sent to people for review recently.

Problems with Samsung Galaxy Fold


Several technology reviewers have reported that their screens didn’t work properly, often with the screen completely broken. At that time a zipper failure was suspected and all devices were returned to Samsung for inspection. It is now believed that a reduction in the space between the bezels of the screen and its protective layer will be implemented. That is the same protective layer removed by some reviewers because they thought it was a screen saver.

“Based on Koh’s comments, Samsung appears to be coming close to a final decision on the US launch, although the company has been working on rescheduling the US launch of the Galaxy Fold devices with enhanced display protection in a conservative manner, considering the time needed for necessary steps including radio certification and device testing procedures by US mobile carriers.”

We don’t know when the Galaxy Fold will be launched after its recent postponement, but the language that comes from Samsung suggests that we are approaching a resolution.

This will be great news for those who have orders in advance, especially after Samsung’s recent move to cancel all first orders, unless people explicitly declare that they still need them.

(via: The Korea Herald)

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