The Perfect Size of Galaxy Note 10, Its Specs And Headphone Jack

Following the loss of yesterday’s note 10 specifications, today comes confirmation from another trusted source, Roland Quandt, whose experts reiterate that the 6.3″ phone will be supplied with a 1080p screen.

In fact, we welcome this decision, as the pixel density of the screen and the sharpness in the eye of the viewer will be sufficient, while the 1080p phones last 20-30% more than the 1440p phones with a load when normalizing the capacity of the battery. Therefore, it is likely that note 10 has the same battery life as 10+ with its 4300 mAh battery and we can analyze the finer points on the specification sheet.

While the rest of the specifications in Roland’s report were leaked earlier, the only missing piece of the puzzle, the actual size of the Note 10, has now risen. How about 151 x 71.8 x 7.9 mm (5.94 x 2.83 x 0.31 inches)? To put these raw numbers in perspective, Note 10 will be the most compact flagship that exists (what, 1080p phones can’t be the flagships you say?), How’s a hyperbole?

Our cold and hard calculations have produced a 91% screen-body ratio, which is a record among the brand phones in our database. It turns out that all those rumors about how Samsung managed to significantly reduce the upper frame of the Note 10 are proving true. The Note 10 is, in fact, smaller than the already compact LG G8 or Honor 20 Pro, while it has a larger screen.

Here we get to the kick-off: The Galaxy Note 10 will be negligibly larger than the Galaxy S10 and will compensate for it with a larger screen, increasingly erasing the range of what’s possible in “full screen” projects.

What’s better, this humbler diagonal fingerprint for the screen is due to a narrow body, in addition to the shaved upper frame, so the Note 10 is profiled to perfectly fit your hand, up to 6+ inches. What do you think about it?

Specs And Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Although at the moment there are few elements in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, there are some things we can almost be sure of the specifications and features of the device.

The first is that the Galaxy Note 10 will surely arrive with the Samsung pen, the S Pen. With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has updated the S Pen to have the Bluetooth functionality, which has made an already useful tool even more powerful.

Since the S Pen is practically synonymous with the note line, we cannot see any reason why an S Pen with Bluetooth is not included in the following note. However, the S Pen could certainly see some new features, although we still don’t have credible rumors about what they could be.

We can also be sure that the Galaxy Note 10 will come with the latest and best Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 855. This chipset is found in all versions of the Galaxy S10 series, so it would be surprising if Samsung left with something else. for note 10.

It is also a good bet that the Note 10 will come with at least 8 GB of RAM and at least 128 GB of internal memory. In the S10 family, each device has at least 128 GB of storage space and only the Samsung Galaxy S10e has an option of 6 GB of RAM, while all other iterations have at least 8 GB. It is very unlikely that Samsung will press a Note device with less RAM and internal memory than the basic S10 device.

As for the Note 10 rear camera system, we have information here. According to SamMobile, the Note 10 Plus will be the Galaxy S10 Plus and will have four rear cameras. This would put the Note 10 Plus on par with the Galaxy S10 5G, which also has four rear cameras and also offers twice as many cameras as the Note 9. However, the previous performance suggests that the phone will only have a front sensor and Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 5G have two each.

We also have information suggesting that the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will come with a 5x optical zoom lens on the back. This would use a periscope method, similar to the one we saw in the Huawei P30 Pro.

Removed Headphone Jack, A Major Disappointment For Note Fans?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

There are two things that we should consider. Let’s start with the first one, which is quite obvious: Samsung knows that it will have to face a serious reaction. Their Note devices are phones for technology enthusiasts: feature-rich, a big screen and even an S Pen that shouldn’t be there, depending on who you ask. People who have the latest Galaxy Note can generally be sure that they have not compromised functionality when they choose this smartphone over the competition. But no more! Now, they must make at least one sacrifice, and for some advanced users, that too is too much. Their beloved Swiss army knife now lacks one of his tools. The phone that controls most of the boxes now leaves a huge gap like a thorn in the eyes of Galaxy Note fans.

Many of them will become apologists, indicate the benefits of this omission and state that “most people still use wireless headphones” to justify Samsung’s actions and make it seem that the blow they had to suffer was not so difficult. This same group is quickly turning to the Galaxy Buds for the audio needs of Note 10 owners. A pair of Samsung wireless headphones can potentially be part of the Note 10 pre-order package, just as they were during the launch. of the S10 series.

Could Samsung’s fault be so strong as to include wireless headphones in the Note 10 package? It is not very far considering the ever-increasing price of the device. And certainly at least some of the indignant fans will like it. Even so, this is a small patch solution for the problem. However, many long-term note users are not satisfied with wireless dongles or headphones. And although Samsung would hate to disappoint them, there are always victims when making big changes like this.

(Via: SamMobile, winfuture)

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