The Rendering Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Shows A Leather Band, An Accented Power Key

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is almost a year old, which means that the update is almost due. The initial rumors spoke of a second-generation model called the Galaxy Watch 2, but recent leaks suggest that Samsung is preparing a successor to the much newer Galaxy Watch Active. Today this theory gains further credibility thanks to the latest rendering.

It Seems That LTE Support Has Made The Cut

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Configured to be marketed as Galaxy Watch Active 2, it looks like Samsung’s next-generation smartwatch looks a lot like the original. The wearables keep the circular screen of the latter with quite slim bevels and also has an aluminum frame. This time, however, some small but important adjustments have been made that should turn the smartwatch into a more direct competitor for Apple Watch.

As revealed for the first time in a series of leaked photos and corroborated by today’s rendering, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 adds a small red ring to its home/power key. This change does not seem very important, but in reality, it is. This is because, like Apple, Samsung will use the ring to distinguish LTE models from the units of Wi-Fi. Which is adding more weight to the LTE support item is the presence of a small hole right above the power button. Although it is still not confirmed, it is expected to contain a microphone and therefore must allow phone calls through the watch. Additionally, the back button that is higher on the right side of the watch now has an oval shape instead of around one.

The rendered model today is undoubtedly the black version that Samsung is preparing and which will apparently be combined with a black leather band. But the recently leaked photos also showed a silver variant and, if you have to believe in the latest rumors, even a third gold model is coming.

Many Important Features Focused On Health

Samsung appears to have a number of planned health and fitness improvements. Specifically, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is said to be taking a page from the Apple Watch book presenting a new app of ECG. This will allow users to take an electrocardiogram of their wrists and also allow users to acquire their own heart rate, thus, detecting fast or omitted and low or irregular heartbeats.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

All of this data can be shared with a licensed physician to get expert advice on it. Accompanying this function should include occasional notifications of atrial fibrillation (AFib). This is the most common type of irregular heartbeat and can cause a stroke if left untreated.

Finally, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also include the fall detection feature. This will be activated automatically if the device detects a fall and will show a warning and will also vibrate to attract the user’s attention. Users can discard the notification or contact the emergency services with a simple touch, if necessary. Alternatively, the watch itself will send messages to the emergency contacts and will call the emergency services if the user does not answer within a set period of time.

Like Apple, it is very likely that Samsung will need to get regulatory approval before implementing its ECG feature. Therefore, Samsung may decide to extend them later if the authorization has not yet been granted.

Announcement And Launch Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will make its international debut on August 7th along with the Galaxy Note 10 series. The smartwatch should be on sale in a few weeks and will be available for purchase in sizes 40 mm and 44 mm.

(Via: Android Headlines)

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