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The Stated Prices Of Galaxy Note 10 And Note 10+ Are Not That Bad

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Lately, the prices of high-end smartphones have gone a bit out of control, which has led us to expect big numbers for the next Galaxy Note 10 and Note10 +. After all, the radical redesign of Samsung’s flagship was no longer secret some time ago, and if the Galaxy Note 9 started with a whopping $1,000, it was safe to assume that its substantially improved sequel would cost much more at en entry-level configuration.

But WinFuture’s Roland Quandt, which is one of the most reliable sources of confidential information in the mobile technology industry, has a couple of predictions that don’t sound so bad if put in the right context. Unfortunately, these starting prices are not yet recorded in the stone, since “markets and other factors” could still affect them between today and a commercial version expected in the second part of next month.

The Standard Galaxy Note 10 Could Cost $1,000 With 256 GB Of Storage Space

It seemed quite inconceivable a few years ago is starting to sound, dare we say, at affordable prices. That is, according to Quandt, European retailers are currently anticipating a €999 label for a 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or more, with an Infinity-O display, the front-facing camera “hole punch”, a triple rear shooter, and perhaps more intriguing, for a total of 256 concerts of local digital hoarding.

The last part is particularly noteworthy because both the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S10 + are usually available for $1,000 a barrel with half the amount of internal storage space. And while the 999 euros technically become around $1,125, this is not the way smartphone prices usually work. Conversely, with some taxes out of the equation, we expect the Note 10 to start at $1,000 within the state … if the European €999 label is maintained.

The Note 10+ Will Be $150 Costlier

Galaxy Note 10+

If Roland Quandt is right and the current expectations of European retailers come to fruition, the 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ or something of the kind will win €1,150 in the old continent, which would probably translate to $1,150 in the US. Again, it might seem overwhelming, but we’re talking about an even bigger Android power here with the same top-level specifications as the standard Note 10 and, presumably, some major improvements.

Obviously, a larger battery is guaranteed, even if given the larger screen, it may not technically be an improvement in terms of operating time between charges. This leaves us waiting for crucial differences between Note 10 and Note 10+ in image functions, although the two variants are inclined to share the same number of rear-facing cameras.

A possible advantage of owning the Note 10+ could come from a three-stage variable aperture shooter, while other rumors indicate a 3D flight time sensor that is only found in the back of the plus-size model. Whatever Samsung has stored here, it is interesting to note that the expected $150 gap between Note 10 and Note 10+ would be greater than the $100 that separates the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. This makes us feel very excited to know exactly what Galaxy Note 10 Plus has in his favor compared to his little brother.

(Via: WinFuture)

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