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These Are Some Of The Features That Failed To Make A Cut At The New Apple Product Event

The seats are empty at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino when Apple finished its new event produced hours ago. And, of course, all the stories will mention the new features found in the iPhone 2019, the seventh-generation iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5. But as for the new features that analysts and experts expected from these devices that do not where they mentioned today?

No reverse wireless charging for iPhone 2019

iPhone 2019

Perhaps the most awaited new feature for the 2019 iPhones, the inverse wireless recharge, was notable for its absence. It would have been even more if Apple’s main analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, had not issued a report last night revealing that Apple had decided not to include it in the new models. The wireless reverse charge was presented for the first time on Huawei Mate 20 Pro last year and Samsung calls it Wireless PowerShare for its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 phones. It allows the use of a phone’s rear panel as a wireless charging platform. For example, users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can flip the phone and turn on the Samsung Galaxy Buds using the Samsung wireless charging case. Some smartwatches and compatible phones can also be loaded this way.

Kuo’s report last night suggested that Apple put the kibosh in reverse wireless charging because charging efficiency may not meet Apple’s requirements. However, Kuo stated last April that Apple was increasing the size of the batteries in the new iPhones to provide devices with additional power to be shared through bilateral wireless charging. Today Apple has noticed that it has significantly extended the battery life of the iPhone 11 (up to an hour), iPhone 11 Pro (up to four hours) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (up to five hours). If this was part of an original plan to include reverse wireless charging it is something that only Apple can tell us.

Another feature that didn’t appear in today’s event, the iPhone Pro support for Apple Pencil, always seemed a remote possibility. At the end of July, Citi Research, the research arm of the Citibank Private Banking unit, sent a report to customers stating that they expected Apple Pencil/stylus support on the 2019 iPhone models, followed by a render of the case for iPhone 11 Pro Max by Olixar which included a case for the accessory.

And no, Apple didn’t include a rainbow-coated logo on the back of the new phones. This was a rumor we brought back last month.

Next year’s iPhones should include a redesign, 5G support, a type C charging port, reverse wireless charging and perhaps an underwater mode that allows users to navigate the touchscreen and take quality photos while swimming or snorkeling. The rumor season for iPhone 2020 officially starts now.

Apple Watch Series 5 does not yet have a native sleep monitoring app


The Apple Watch Series 5 always has a new screen that nobody has seen coming, but some of the new features that some expected didn’t appear. While it was said that blood pressure monitoring for the Apple Watch 6 Series, a report citing Apple experts earlier this month stated that the functionality would be found on this year’s watch; It turned out that this was not the case, increasing the blood pressure of those who expected that instrument. In addition, there was another report asking Apple to add “Time in Bed tracking” on Apple Watch Series 5. This feature would track the user’s sleep patterns, including movements and heart rate, and analyze them in the health app. We’re sorry, but Apple has not announced a native sleep monitoring application for the latest version of its smartwatch. Both missing features may appear on Apple Watch next year.

No Apple glasses and no third-generation AirPod

Apple has not made any announcements about third-generation AirPods. Apple will definitely announce a new waterproof version of its Bluetooth wireless headphones with noise cancellation, improved sound, and longer battery life, but today it didn’t happen. And while Tim Cook was finishing the event, we could imagine him saying that there was something else. But this has never happened, so the manufacturer’s Apple glasses for mixed reality will have to wait at least another year.

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