These concepts of iPhone 12 Pro keep us falling in love

It is true that it has been a little over a month since the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro were presented, however, the rumors about the iPhone 12 do not stop. Recently we have heard that Apple already has iPhone prototypes with a new sensor system so that Face ID fits in a small upper frame and the concepts are taking advantage of this to show us incredible designs.

We have already seen some interesting concepts of the next iPhone 12 Pro but the one we bring you today is probably the best we have seen to date. It has been created by Hasan Kaymak, a well-known designer, and brings us some interesting rumors and functions that could reach the future iPhone 12 Pro.

A dream iPhone 12 Pro

The first thing that stands out about this new iPhone 12 Pro is its design. On the one hand, we forget the notch, although it is not specified if Face ID is hidden in the upper frame or behind the screen. And on the other, we see that design similar to the new iPad Pro that follows the design lines of the iPhone 4 with straight frames instead of rounded.

Another highlight of this concept would be located in the rear cameras. The design is maintained with three sensors that we currently have but a fourth, very rumored sensor is added, which would help us detect distances, probably very related to Apple’s augmented reality aspirations.

Also, in this case, the designer understands that Apple will expand the range of colors by adding some as beautiful as emerald green or red, a color that in recent years has not reached Apple’s main iPhone.

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It is a concept that brings us all the rumors that we have heard of the iPhone 12 summarized in a spectacular design. Hopefully, the iPhone presented by Apple next year looks like this concept, it would certainly be spectacular.