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This Clue Indicates An Imminent Presentation Of The Apple Watch Series 5

A week later this Tuesday, September 10th, Apple will hold its next product event at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Cupertino headquarters. While many are eager to take a look at the 2019 iPhones, others may be more interested in learning about the new Apple Watch Series 5 features. The latest version of the world’s most famous smartwatch will be released during the next event. and there is a hint that a new Apple Watch variant is coming.

Apple’s online store has sold some Apple Watch bands. This could mean that in anticipation of the imminent development of the Apple Watch Series 5, the company has decided not to fill the inventory of these bands. Given that every time Apple introduces a new watch, it also launches some new watch bands, the decision not to replace worn watch bands could be seen as a strong indication that a new watch will arrive soon.

We could see a native Apple Watch sleep tracking feature on next year’s clock

Apple Watch Series 5

Last month we passed a photo that apparently showed the Apple Watch Series 5 and a model number A2157. However, you won’t see many differences between the current Series 4 watch and the new model. This does not mean that we do not expect the next Apple Watch to include some new features. In fact, based on the success of the electrocardiogram (ECG) included in the Series 4 model, it has been said that a blood pressure sensor will reach the Series 5 device. The heart rate monitor on Apple Watch and the ECG (looking for rhythms abnormal heart conditions) has saved lives and the addition of a blood pressure function will only increase the profile of the watch as a health care tool. Last year, the technology giant received a patent for a watch-based blood pressure monitor.

There are several features that will probably not be available in the Apple Watch this year but could be included in the Apple Watch Series 6 next year. One of these would be native sleep monitoring for the smartwatch, something that is offered on many competing smartwatches. While the Apple Watch is not equipped with a camera, the company received a patent for a camera that would be integrated into an Apple Watch band. This is also something we could see in 2020. Earlier this year, a patent filed by Apple indicated that it was working on developing hand gestures for use with the Apple Watch. This could be available already this year; Some of the gestures revealed in the patent included one that would allow the user to answer a phone call by closing the fist. Another gesture, moving the wrist, would allow users to scroll through the messages.

Apple would work on a highly successful Apple Watch feature that would allow users to get a glucose reading using the watch without having to draw blood. Currently, insulin-dependent diabetics adhere several times a day to determine how much insulin they should take before a meal. If Apple can get this functionality, it could be a big attraction as diabetics have to spend hundreds of dollars each year on test strips to control their glucose.

According to the images of the animation that will be used when the Apple Watch Series 5 is paired with an iPhone, it seems that Apple will offer its next smartwatch with a ceramic case and a titanium case in the 40mm and 44mm sizes. Apple had used ceramics for the Series 2 and Series 3 models and is bringing the material for the next iteration of its watch.

The Apple Watch Series 5 will come with pre-installed WatchOS 6. According to reports, the company’s new version of the company’s smartwatch operating system brings an independent application store for native clock and calculator applications, audiobooks and voice memos. A new “Trends” feature will allow users to view their fitness data for a longer period of time and extend the battery life of the device.

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