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This concept dreams of a really amazing iPhone 13

The design of the iPhone has evolved over the years and we are very close to what is probably everyone’s dream: an iPhone with a screen that covers the entire front of the device. It is expected that next year with the iPhone 12 Apple will be able to hide the sonars of Face ID in the upper frame, which will allow us to get rid of the controversial notch.

This is something that we have already seen in several very interesting concepts, however today we bring you a new creation that goes beyond. The designer Hasan Kaymak wanted to show his vision of the future of the iPhone and created an incredible iPhone 13 concept.

An iPhone 13 that falls in love

Of course, we are very far from this theoretical iPhone 13, at least two years, however, there are already some ideas that let us dream of a possible design.

iPhone 13

One of the things that stands out in this concept of iPhone 13 is a very clean design without the notch, Hasan imagines a device with Face ID hidden under the screen. Something that we really all want and that would allow a design with minimal edges like the one we appreciate here.

iPhone 13

Another of the main aspects of this iPhone 13 would be its four rear cameras, located in a square centered module. The led flash would now be much more powerful since it is located at the edges of this square module.

iPhone 13

The frame of the device is also much more minimalist and in it we only see a long button and us get rid of the volume up and down buttons, we do keep the physical selector to put the device in silence. In addition, the part of the lower speaker also changes and we only have a thin slot.

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It is certainly a spectacular design and I wish we could see on a real iPhone. Hopefully by 2021 technology has evolved enough to see something similar.