This Dashcam Helps Protect You Out, and it’s just $25

YouTube is flooded with audacious protection con artists. There are people who toss themselves onto stationary vehicles and slide down the hood. The vids are truly funny as an impartial observer, yet it’s only a dashcam saving the drivers from being duped.


A dashcam can save you your protection premium, and even someone’s life if you give evidence to stop an awful driver causing future harm. A feature-packed HD model needn’t cost you the earth — as the present deal demonstrates proves.

The camera records in a constant loop, so you generally have the latest footage.

This High Definition dashcam is a reasonable choice that does everything you need. It’ll joyfully record what’s happening on in the road in front of you, and secure you in case of any dispute.

The dashcam records long periods of HD footage, however, clearly you only need it if there’s an incident — you’re not going to remember the memory of your smoothest travels in a couple of years time. To save space, it records in a persistent circle, so you generally have the most recent footage.


The dashcam at a glance:

  • Captures HD footage
  • Ensures any mishap is recorded
  • Loop-recording always has the most recent footage
  • Motion detection and infrared night vision
  • Includes capacity for a microSD card up to a 32GB (not included)

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The dashcam has a list price of $60, but it’s on offer at this moment. If you get in speedy enough, you can get one for just $25. It’s boasting a 4.5-star rating from several reviews, and the price includes free global shipping.