This May Be Why Apple TV App Isn’t Coming to Android

Apple’s big media event on 25th March 2019 has been held and gone, and we saw just about the same what we expecting from Apple. New and updated TV app is one of those things which will arrive later this year and there is also the news of availability of TV news that it will not only be available for Apple hardware but also a range of TVs and streaming devices.


It is a platform that makes up for the vast majority of the smartphone, TVs and streaming devices include names like Fire TV, Roku, Sony, LG, and Samsung but nowhere to be seen as Google and Android. It is clear that Apple isn’t being too precious about keeping the new TV app for itself. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there may be a method to Apple’s perceived madness.

According to another report that Apple is taking a leaf out of Netflix’s book and it isn’t a bad place to start. According to the Netflix report that 70% of its subscribers watch their content on a TV, 10% on phones and 5% on tablets. with keeping this in mind we believe that Apple has decided to ignore Android for now because it also represents a small portion of the streaming market and device usage is concerned.


It also makes sense that at this point when Apple is happy to get the TV app into as many non-Apple devices as possible. Although not anything that looks like an iPhone or iPad. We wouldn’t disagree that it makes plenty of sense, we are willing to believe it for now because Apple is one for following the numbers. These TV apps look like a set of ultimately replace iTunes everywhere, and it’s only a matter of time before the iTunes duties on the Mac are taken over by the TV app, too.

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Apple will launch the new TV app and it is anticipated that Apple TV+ streaming service later this year in Fall, and we can’t wait to see how that all pans out.