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This Portable TV Dongle For Nintendo Switch Is Travel-Friendly And Costs Half The Price Of Nintendo’s Official Bulky Dock


The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console both at home and out. It is fun to play your favorite games no matter where you are is undoubtedly what has made the Switch so popular over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without any problems.

The most annoying thing here is the fact that if you take the Switch somewhere and you might want to connect it to a TV, you’ll need to take your dock too. That’s such a real pain as Nintendo’s official Dock is quite bulky and unplugging the existing one you have from your TV cabinet is very unmanageable, but with this little gizmo, all of that pain will not happen.

The gizmo that we are talking about is a travel dock that connects to your Switch through the magic of USB-C. The other end of the cable is a dongle with a USB-A port used for connecting accessories and an HDMI port for connecting to a TV.

You will also notice a USB-C pass through, that means the Switch can be powered otherwise it won’t switch into TV mode. Everything’s on the end of a 7-inch cable that will surely give you a little room for manoeuvring without making the travel dock a pain to transport, other than that it’s super light at just 70 grams, too.

If all of that sounds great – and it most likely ought to – then you can pick one of these travel docks up right now for half of the price Nintendo charges for its own bulky dock that is not travel-friendly in the least, making this one a true cut price.

There’s free shipping thrown in for good measure, so if this deal sounds like something that should be in the bottom of your tech bag, then why not place your order now from here while it’s being discounted to low price of just $34.95 using special promo code NINTNEWYEAR20 at the time of check out. Keep in mind that this offer is valid for the month of April only.

Buy: Nintendo Switch HDMI, USB-C Travel Dongle – Dock Replacement: $34.95 with promo code NINTNEWYEAR20 | Original price: $70

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