This Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Like Accessory Can Fast Charge Apple Devices Including iPhone And Apple Watch For Less Than Half The Price

In the event that you’re familiar with the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo charger at that point, you’re probably additionally somebody who has wished there was a wonder such as this for use with every other Qi-compatible device out there. Indeed, there is, and on the off chance that you use our special discount code, you can spare some cash, as well.

 iPhone And Apple Watch

This Wireless Charger Duo device looks simply like Samsung’s Duo charger and it can charge any Qi-compatible device including an iPhone as an Apple Watch, which isn’t something that can be said for Samsung’s $99 elective which is not perfect to charge an Apple Watch.

And at the present time, you can pick this option up for only $44 using the special discount code DUOW10OFF at check out.

With Apple having now officially canned the AirPower charging cushion, this is an extraordinary alternative for everyone who wants to be able to charge their iPhone and Apple Watch, all from one attachment.

Landscape and portrait charging

This charger will work with any iPhone that supports Qi charging, so the iPhone 8 or more up to date, and any Apple Watch that has been released to date.

Features include:

  • Minimalistic design.
  • Charges iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly together.
  • Supports 5W, 7.5W and 10W Qi wireless output for quick charging.
  • Available in two completions: White and Black.
  • You can charge your iPhone in both portrait and landscape position.
  • Supports all Apple Watch models.
  • Also works with Android phones that help Qi wireless charging.

wireless charger

That’s is a remarkable the comprehensive rundown, and obviously, being Qi-compatible this thing will also charge any Android device that uses the similar standard.

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Considering all of that in mind, you truly can’t turn out at the awesome cost of just $44.

Buy: Wireless Charger Duo For iPhone And Apple Watch: $44.95 with discount code DUOW10OFF| Original price: $69.95 | Official price: $99.99