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Three Rear Cameras, Square Bump On iPhone 11

We already know that the Apple company will release an iPhone till coming September and we are as sure as day follows night. There are plenty of rumors and renders as to what that might entail, and Japanese blog Macotakara has also reported that the iPhone 11 will feature new and square camera system around the back of the iPhone device.


This fits well with previously shared news by On Leaks earlier this year and sees the new iPhone have three cameras on its back. It also stated that there will be a big change with the front camera of the phone, a new 10-megapixel camera being added. About the back camera’s it’s believed that a 14-megapixel camera will partner with a 10-megapixel option, although it’s unknown what the third camera will entail. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is one of the example with each circular lens and flash placed into a corner of the square.

iPhone 3rd camera

Following reports that the iPhone 11 can see Lightning ditched in favor of USB-C, this new report suggests that this could not be the case at all, something that will be disappointing to those who have stocked up on USB-C cables with the hope of charging an iPad Pro and iPhone 11 using the equivalent accessories.

According to the report, we have claimed that the iPhone 11 will see some internal layout changes together with battery and logic board match into the chassis. This may be needed thanks to the addition of a third camera lens around the back of the phone. That makes sense, assuming you are all-in on the iPhone 11 having that third camera.

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We certainly hope so, assuming that the third lens is a wide angle one. That alone would make the new iPhone worth the upgrade in our opinion, but we’ll have to wait and see.